Slacktivist once suggested the Fred Phelps test for American Evangelicals who would complain of persecution: basically if the Westboro Baptists are still free to do the shitty things they do, picketing funerals and the like, then clearly it’s a bit rich to complain about religion being banned from the public square.

One might say something similar to edgelords complaining about free speech: if the Literal Nazis are still doing their thing, having meetings and running websites and not getting arrested and rounded up into camps then it’s a bit much to claim that people making shitty jokes feel the government boot on their necks.

“First they came for the Nazis-”

“wait they haven’t even come for the Nazis yet, what the hell”


“Angels” block the Westboro Baptist Church from protesting Orlando victim’s funeral

When a handful of Westboro Baptist Church members showed up Saturday at the funeral of Orlando shooting victim Christopher Leinonen, counterprotesters donning large, white angel wings were there to shield mourners. Members of the Orlando Shakespeare Theater put together the wings as a symbolic but also literal screen between the WBC and funeral attendees. An Orlando Police tweet later proved the efforts to stop the WBC worked.


my friend counter-protesting the westboro baptist church today im crying laughing