westboro bapstist church

Shirly Phelps is the kind of person whom I'd love if she were a fictional character just cause she's a BAMF-y bitch and an awesome villain but the fact that she actually exists kind of unnerves me

She’d be like Bellatrix Lestrange or Opal Koboi. One of those delicious love-to-hate-them characters. Except she’s real and she actually does terrible things and it’s awful.

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This woman. This family. That “church”. No one outside of their crazy walled village of hate likes them. They say they don’t want to be friends with people outside the church? Well, I am positive no one outside their church wants to be friends with them. When they said God sent the tsunami I was about ready to smack a couple bitches. If the God they proclaim to worship and predicate for is the “real” God then no wonder so many people don’t believe in God. If what’s waiting for me in heaven are these women and a God that hates his children and murders children and innocent people, than by all means I will be good in hell. What kind of person thinks that disasters and massacres are created by God to wipe out his “awful” people. If America is so doomed, why didn’t the tsunami happen in America? I honestly do not understand how people can be so blatantly blind and ignorant. I don’t know what version of the bible they’re reading, but it sure as hell isn’t the one I read. If I met this woman I would have such a hard time restraining myself from giving her a few smacks.

I love how classy Tyra was during the whole thing. So peaceful and calm. I swear that woman is amazing. I hope she bought a new couch after that episode. I wouldn’t want the crazy to spread to the other guests.