Its been a busy week in the Ingles household and we are all feeling a little weary and teary.  Oscar has been particularly out of sorts today and is complaining of his teeth hurting, he has a molar pushing through.  He has attempted to cling to me the whole day, which is nice for about 15% of the time and a little much 85% of the time.  We have enjoyed catch up with two out of town guests this week.  Scott Williams was in London town on Tuesday, (our dinner was a little dramatic, Scott wasn’t well and it involved ambulances, a hospital visit for Scott and I found myself at the table alone at 10pm with a whole bottle of wine) and today Nick Curwin aka Nic Nav visited.  The kids were very excited to see ‘Uncle Nick’, and he was pinned down to read several tongue twisting bed times stories.  He will come into his own tomorrow morning at 7am, when the kids realise he is in the lounge on the sofa bed and Andrew and I pretend we are still asleep.

Adeline was back at school this week on Wednesday and it was the cutest when she came in and woke us on Wednesday morning dressed in her uniform and ready to go!  She has this school caper dialled - she has even been 'up-schooled’ - together with some of the other children who know all their letter sounds, she is visiting the reception (kindergarten) class for reading lessons.  She was also back to ballet this morning and we have our delightful nanny, Mariana, back from her holiday in Romania and the kids were thrilled to bits to see her.  Adeline and Andrew had two mornings together on Monday and Tuesday and spent them at the Science museum and Transport museum.  They had a ball.  

Oscar is making great progress with his big boy pants, but still has some way to go.  He is enjoying nursery at the moment, and he was excited to be back at St Mary’s playgroup yesterday.  I couldn’t help but giggle when his bossy streak came out during song time and the 'Monkeys jumping on the bed’ song.  He was shouting and waggling his finger during the 'Mumma called the doctor and the doctor said, “No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!”’ part with such vigour and determination.

We had a little trip today to Primark on Oxford street to stock up on a few pairs of cheap trousers.  It was Andrew’s first trip into that hell-storm and he vowed he would never go back.  Can’t blame him, that place is atrocious, and you know people have to be getting screwed along that supply chain, and the goods and shoddy, and the place is an absolute nightmare to navigate.  Goodness knows why we thought it was a good idea to go there.  Never again!

After lunch we chose a more suitable family friendly activity, climbing at W1.  By the time Oscar had his nap, most of the serious climbing was done, but there was time for plenty of shenanigans in the boulder room.  Adeline made it to the top of her usual ropes twice.  Oscar and I arrived just as she was two moves from the top, and we were practically level with her so could encourage her to the top.

Still one more day of this weekend to go and I feel like I need a total re-run! 


Adeline reaches the top at West 1 climbing wall in her ‘Pebbles’ class this afternoon.  Clever, strong, determined girl.   Am a very proud Mumma.   Oh, just in, Ingo is a very proud Daddy!


Now Adeline is 4, she is old enough to join the ‘Pepples’ climbing sessions at West 1.  Adeline had fun in her first session today and wants to go back tomorrow, and this time parents have been instructed to leave here there and come back at the end. 

Unfortunately Oscar has been unwell the last few days, we have been keeping him quiet at home mainly, but getting out of the house is a good distraction.  When Andrew/Dad mentioned frozen yogurt he brightened up and was the first one ready for “frozen yogo”.

youni.個展 「I’m here.」
2015.6.17(WED)~21(SUN) 11:00~19:00
デザインフェスタギャラリー原宿 WEST1-B  入場無料