In the early hours of February 1, 1982, Tina Foglia (19) was at Hammerheads, a club in West Islip, New York. She went to see a local band from Queens she liked, before leaving at around 3 am. Her family reported her missing on February 3. 

That was also the day they found her dismembered body, put inside several plastic bags and left in an exit ramp in Sagtikos Parkway, in Suffolk County. The autopsy determined she had died of asphyxia by smothering, and that her limbs had been cleanly cut, possibly with a butcher’s knife.

Tina’s murder has never been solved and the case remains open, with police still asking for tips as recently as June 2017. Some have theorized that she might have been a victim of the still unidentified Long Island Serial Killer, since Suffolk County has been the area he’s left bodies and Sagtikos Parkway leads to Oak and Gilgo Beaches, his dumping ground of choice.

This is, of course, mere conjecture at this time. The LISK is listed as active since 1996, but as it often happens with serial killers, it’s almost impossible to determine the exact number of his victims or when did they really started their crimes. Tina’s sister says that shortly before she was murdered, Tina said she was dating a doctor she really liked, but never revealed his name. It’s also possible she was hitchhiking the night she left the club and her killer picked her up that way.

15 OCT,1958- A USAF Fairchild C-123B-6-FA Provider, 54-0614, c/n 20063,en route from Dobbins AFB, Georgia, to Mitchel Field, Long Island, New York, runs out of fuel, comes down on the Southern State Parkway on Long Island while attempting emergency landing at Zahn’s Airport at North Amityville, one-half mile short, injuring five, and killing one motorist. The transport skids several hundred feet, passes through an underpass, and strikes three cars. Harold J. Schneider, West Islip, New York, dies of head injuries shortly after the accident. Three Air Force men and two women motorists suffer minor injuries. They are identified as Mrs. Mary Rehm, Islip Terrace, and Mrs. Frank Calabrese, West Islip. The injured Air Force men are identified as Capt. John Florio, Sgt. Wallett A. Carman and Sgt. Edgar H. Williamson. The pilot was Lt. Gary L. Moolson. The aircraft, with a 119 foot wingspan, passed through a 50-foot wide underpass, shearing both outer wings, the port engine, and the vertical fin, before coming to a stop on fire
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