The La Grange Inn is another of the most historic buildings on Long Island.  Located on the south shore, in West Islip (just east of Babylon Village) it was literally known for centuries as the most distinguished restaurant in the area, as well as the longest-tenured hotel.  Its influential run began in colonial times, and ended approximately 5 years ago.  Its prime location has long been coveted for its commercial potential.  Recently CVS purchased the La Grange with a pledge to relocate the building and restore the original structure (wings and additions added later weren’t included).  Above are various postcard views and what looks like a local publication clipping.  The photo of the historical marker is by Nuke5466 on Flickr.  The bottom shot (my photo from June 11, 2015) shows the relocated La Grange undergoing (re)construction after having been moved around the corner to face its old side street, Higbie Lane.  Historic preservation?  I guess so, kinda.  Washington may not have slept here but he slept nearby, at Sagtikos Manor (1692) in nearby Brightwaters.  Lafayette, however, was indeed a La Grange guest.