I want to clear the air. Everyone thinks I had another melt down but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Alexander Wang’s line was so moving that I messed around and caught the Holy Ghost child! I was in there like, “Yaaaasssss. God is real!”

Heaven Sent
  • Heaven Sent
  • Front Porch Step
  • Whole Again

Front Porch Step - Heaven Sent. (feat. Ace Enders)

I heard your name the other day,
And I got sick in the most wonderful of ways.
I thought about the days we laughed about our past,
And now you’re stuck there like the time I can’t get back.
I said some things that I don’t mean, 
When I said I hate you i was lying through my teeth.
And when you grabbed your bags and walked out of my door, 
I lost the love that couldn’t love me anymore. 

I miss your smile, the way we kiss.
Who knew that hell could come from something heaven sent?

superheroskye asked:

Who was the kid you were talking to at the Alexander wang show? Any future play dates to come with your new friend?

OMG! That’s Aila Wang, Alexander Wang’s niece. She’s one of my fashion icons for sure, Her style is everything. She’s such a sweetheart, although I think she offered me Molly at her uncle’s show.