west wing season 4

okay so watching the election day episode from season 4 of West Wing and here is an issue I have always had with it. 

The characters go on about how it’s raining in Oregon and that is going to negatively affect voter turnout. let me tell you, as a lifelong Oregonian, what is wrong with that:

  • Oregon has been 100% vote-by-mail since the ballot measure was passed in 98. (it is a very effective system, great for voter turnout, and everyone should be doing this)
  • granted a lot of people still drop off their ballots last minute
  • Oregon is a pretty reliable blue state
  • in the fall in Oregon, it is pretty much always raining

I was intimidated by you Catholicism

This is exactly how accepting everyone should be. There are hundreds of different religions that have existed throughout time. To say yours is the best one, or even worse, the “right” one, is arrogant. Frankly, it’s down right ignorant. Just because your religion may be the flavor of the week (or of the last 2000 years) does not mean you have a right to be anything but kind to those who don’t share your beliefs. Believe in God. Believe in multiple gods. Believe in no god. Put your faith in a puppy wearing a yellow raincoat. Who cares? But no matter what you believe, or don’t believe, don’t let your religion, or lack thereof, affect your views of someone else. We are all different. What works for you, may not work for me. And that’s perfectly alright. 


Little West Wing Moment: The President Wants Altitude & josh and toby are nerds (41/)

Here's what it should be. [Will beings to type] In a triumph 
of the middling, a nod to mediocrity, and with gorge rising,
it gives me great nausea to announce Robert Russell -
Bingo Bob himself - as your new Vice President. WILL This lapdog of mining interests is as dull as he is
unremarkable. TOBY As lacklustre as he is soporific... WILL Good. TOBY This reversion to the mean... WILL This rebuke to the exemplary... TOBY Gives hope to the millions unfavoured by the exceptional... WILL Yes. TOBY The Vice Presidency, being famously once described as
not being worth a warm bucket of spit; let's now hock a
big loogie for Bob Russell. Not the worst. Not the best.
Just what we're stuck with.

I love the west wing, but I was 5 when it started airing, so I’ve only ever known it via reruns and netflix. is there someone out there on tumblr who can tell me more about what it was like when the west wing was on the air? like, what was the general vibe among people who watched it? what was the fandom like, especially since the internet wasn’t as big of a thing? what was it like having to wait after crazy season-end cliffhangers like season 1 and season 4?