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Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America, West Virginia

Lindy Point Sunset
Photo Credit: (Steve Perry)
New River Gorge Bridge, WV
Photo Credit: (Craig Acheson)
Full Steam Ahead
Photo Credit: (Walter Scriptunas II)

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In 1796, Watters Smith settled with his wife on a parcel of land overlooking Duck Creek in present-day Harrison County, West Virginia (then Virginia).  Four generations of the Smith family subsequently worked the farm, before a thoughtful descendant willed the historic property, including the original pioneer homestead, to the state of West Virginia for preservation as Watters Smith Memorial State Park.  It is a lovely place full of old memories, quietly recalled by the creaky joints of a rustic wood bench or the scuttling leaves in a root cellar.

today my friend and i found a dog abandoned in west virginia. he was left in a state park next to a winding mountain road with NO WHERE to go. left with open cuts, fleas, ticks, and he couldn’t have been sweeter. so we drove him 3 hours over the state line back to my local shelter (where my mom works) where i know he’ll be adopted out to a nice, loving family that will always care for him. that dog did not make a sound in the car, laid down and sat perfectly still the whole way. i love him so much. i hope he has a better life. i couldn’t bear to leave him there. 

“Silent Snowy Walk”

Went on a quick hike at Blackwater Falls State Park last week. Most trails were closed due to deep snow and the steepness to the ravine where the waterfalls were in the far distance. Still was a beautiful walk–one of those quiet moments when you can only hear your footsteps in the snow and your own breathing.


There was a lot of rain in the eastern United States this past summer, so it was an overwhelmingly good summer for mycology. I got to cross many fungi off of my must-see list, and I stumbled upon Pseudohydnum gelatinosum again, which I saw once before but didn’t get to spend enough time with. I’m not going to lie - I spent a glorious 15 minutes just sitting among this patch and poking it.

8/15 at Little Beaver State Park, West Virginia