west virginia state park

“Silent Snowy Walk”

Went on a quick hike at Blackwater Falls State Park last week. Most trails were closed due to deep snow and the steepness to the ravine where the waterfalls were in the far distance. Still was a beautiful walk–one of those quiet moments when you can only hear your footsteps in the snow and your own breathing.


Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America, West Virginia

Lindy Point Sunset
Photo Credit: (Steve Perry)
New River Gorge Bridge, WV
Photo Credit: (Craig Acheson)
Full Steam Ahead
Photo Credit: (Walter Scriptunas II)

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There was a lot of rain in the eastern United States this past summer, so it was an overwhelmingly good summer for mycology. I got to cross many fungi off of my must-see list, and I stumbled upon Pseudohydnum gelatinosum again, which I saw once before but didn’t get to spend enough time with. I’m not going to lie - I spent a glorious 15 minutes just sitting among this patch and poking it.

8/15 at Little Beaver State Park, West Virginia

“30 Foot Tall Icicles”

I wasn’t allowed to hike down to that platform to look at Blackwater River Waterfalls up close. So crossed to the other side of the river, found a spot at the top of a ridge way up high, and zoomed in to take a shot. Do you see the SIZE of those icicles??? It was 11 degrees out.