west twins

okay, but speedsters can vibrate any part of their bodies right

and there are soothing bassinets/mini rockers for babies that vibrate

so dad!barry with the diapered twins on his bare chest, gently vibrating to keep them asleep while iris gets some sleep herself

skin-to-skin contact is highly recommended for babies and parents and barry is a living, breathing, warm baby soother and he’s dada

just imagine it

Beyonce is pregnant with twins and I don’t imagine she’ll be bringing them to the house either. Sorry Blue, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Maybe you’ll get lucky and the twins will be boys. No one cares about boys… look at Saint. 


Choreography to Tessa Violet’s Not Over You. 


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I was recently thinking how Iris, Joe, and Wally being Black means that this Arrowverse/Flarrowverse’s speedsters will be most Black/biracial.

 If you don’t already know Don and Dawn are the twin children of Barry and Iris. Bart (Impulse) is Don’s son. I chose the actor Cameron Boyce because he has one grandparent who is Black just like I imagine this world’s Bart to have and he also reminds me of Grant. Jenni Ognats (XS) is Dawn’s daughter and as you all can see was originally created as a biracial Black character.

Irey and Jai are the children of Wally West and Linda Park in the comic books. Since Linda is Barry’s ex in this universe I took it upon myself to imagine Wally meeting and falling in love with a speedster named Danica Williams who is The Flash in the Beyond Universe that was brought to us by Batman Beyond.

Finally we have Max Mercury, the time-traveling speedster from the 1830s who operate as a mentor to many of the future West-Allen kids. His origin is based in some racist, mystical Native tropes so I racebent him to fix it.

The Flash Family now has the potential to show off a variety of Black skin tones and I pray to god that they do it right.

Also Barry is now that cool ass White Grandpa in a Black Family and that makes me happy AF.

Don and Dawn Allen (The Tornado Twins) played by Charlie Barnett & Monica Raymund

Bart Allen (Impulse) played by Cameron Boyce

Jenni Ognats (XS) played by Alisha Boe

Iris “Irey” West II played by Sydney Park

Jai West played by Miles Brown

Danica Williams (The Flash Beyond Universe) played by Stefanee Martin

Max Mercury played by Martin Sensmeier

Some Headcanons for after Young Justice ended.
  • Kara landed on earth shortly after. When it opened up, she panicked when she couldn’t find Kal-El’s spacepod because she should have been able too, and proceeded to throw the biggest commotion in an attempt to find him. Since she was in pain from her body beginning to change from the yellow sun radiation and she hadn’t been soaking it in for as long as Clark or even Conner, she’s not as strong as Superboy or Superman. Due to it being seen as a minor problem(not knowing that it’s a Krypton doing this) the team is sent in to handle it, where Kara proceeds to kick their asses, until she sees Conner(who looks exactly like Clark, and therefore very similar to her Uncle) and immediately stops, breaks down and begins to apologize to him in Kryptonian.
  • Kara has an even bigger emotional crisis when she finds out that the “real” Kal-El is even older than Conner, and proceeds to be really hard on herself.
  • Kara helps Conner get over the rest of his anger, and he helps her learn how to deal with humans.
  • Kara becomes a bridge for Conner and Clark to start to bond, as she treats both as her cousin. At first Conner is bitter to Kara because Clark immediately accepts her, but then he realizes she’s using that to bring them together.
  • Kara, Cassie, and Babs all become fast friends. It freaks Tim and Dick out.
  • Cadmus is discovered to have made one last clone. This time of Wonder Woman, and the clone turns out to be Donna Troy. It takes her longer to be freed from Cadmus control than Conner had been. When she’s freed she become pretty good friends with Roy, Dick, and Kaldur.
  • The “Dark Flash” arc happens, where they think that Wally has been returned to them for whatever reason. The only people, at first, who are suspicious of him are Bart and Dick. Until he starts acting strange, which is originally brushed off as being an effect of being in the Speed Force. Then he gets super possessive of Artemis and it becomes very clear that it’s not Wally. At least not the Wallace West they know, but instead Walter West from a different world. This is also the introduction of the Multi-verse.
  • After the Dark Flash Arc(or even at the end of it) Wally(their Wally) returns from the speed force, but has lost some memories.
  • The TTs have the speed force problem of aging too quickly and it scares the shit out of Barry and Iris along with Bart. They end up fixing it, but the TTs end up coming out around the age of 6-8.
  • Jason Todd comes back from the dead.
Fanfic - Is it Midnight Yet? - 1/1

Prompt: Barry and Iris finally let the Twins stay up to midnight only for them to fall asleep.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 673

A/N: Requested by @zaatanna. Happy new year hon! Thank you for always being so sweet <3

“Momma is it midnight yet?”

Iris turned to where Don had nuzzled close to her side. He looked both ready for bed dressed in his blue pajamas with cartoon dinosaurs. The ‘Happy New Years’ party hat he had on practically falling off his head.

“Almost,” Iris assured him rubbing a hand up and down his back. “Don’t you want to watch the ball drop?”

Don hummed in agreement as his eyelids started to droop.

Iris glanced over to Barry to share a knowing look with him.

The family of four had piled onto the couch to watch the New Years Countdown special. They had plates of treats to snack on, noise makers to use at midnight, they had even bought the kids sparkling apple juice so they could have a 'special drink’ like mommy and daddy.

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