west torrance high school

Warriors forever.

What an amazing day it was! No, not really. It was one of the shittiest days of my life. School was terrible, teachers were bitches, students were assholes, but once the swim meet started, fireworks started blowing up out of nowhere. This is my third year swimming for my school and overall it’s okay this year. I have to say Sophomore year was the best because everyone bonded so closely. This year it’s pretty much love and hate. Nevertheless, my relay teams were amazing. Rei, you did a beautiful job swimming Freestyle. Tsumugi, you don’t even try and you still manage to get first place. BEAST. Amy, I know it was a bit harder for you, but good job! Let’s just say today’s meet was epic. Looking back at the photos I took made me smile so much. So enjoy! 


Had a blast today! Went to school all decked out in Red for our class colors. Then we had an awesome rally. My friend got asked to Homecoming in front of the entire school… intense shit man. Took so many pictures at lunch with the gang. After school got to hang out with the guys and got some bomb ice cream from Handels. It was Natalie’s first time there! Couple hours went by and went to Tiff’s house for a mini bonfire. Went on a mini mission to get some Starbucks; found out that this Starbucks closes at midnight. Lovin’ it! I’m going to that one from now on. 

What’s pissing me off at the moment is that I don’t go to school on Monday, which I was totally looking forward to! I always work the weekend shifts at my first job, but since my other boss from my second boss is on vacation, I’m literally filling in on Monday too! Forreals? I can’t get a break in this world. Ughh.  

English Class...

I usually love my English classes, but this year for some reason I really despise my English class. Every single day, I go in their with a heavy sigh under my breath. But today was different. My teacher did a lecture on Walden written by Thoreau, and I swear to god my eyes just went BOOM. This beautiful piece of work is written about nature and how we humans are so busy that we don’t take the time to appreciate what nature gives us. We’re constantly thinking about school, work, dates, dinners, and so much more, yet we do not see the beautiful essence that nature provides for us. My English teacher then assigned us to write a Transcendentalism Paper based on Thoreau and Emerson (another Transcendentalist who strongly believed in nature as well). 

I thought it was just me, but my teacher said something that really caught my attention. “Do you guys ever take a moment in time to look where you’re at? Do you see what’s around you? The birds chirping, or fighting…, leaves flying away as the wind blows, naked branches that hit the windows when they are too long. You know whenever I go home down on Palos Verdes Drive North, especially during the Autumn or Winter season I admire the trees and the grass and the leaves and so much more. I mean whenever I drive and I’m in a hurry I won’t notice, but when I’m in no hurry and I have "me” time, I look out in the world and I see how beautiful nature is. Autumn brings us beautiful, vibrant colors from the leaves, Winter brings us bare branches which are also lovely because when the sun sets, it’s amazing when you can see the light peak from the branches. Is it just me or do any of you guys tend to wander off into nature’s beauty?“ 

What I used to do (before I started working), and when I was extremely bored I would go to my bedroom, lie on my bed and just look through the window. My window is horizontally long and my parents decided to plant some trees behind my window. Thus, allowing me to just think and have my "me” time. I used to think a lot about my present days, future, school, career, husband, family, financial stuff, etc. Then after my mind is competing against itself, I think about the Earth and how Earth provides us with bountiful amounts of nature. I mean seriously, without nature we won’t have houses, food, clothes, and books. The picture above is actually the window I used to always look out at. 

So thank you Mr. Evans for teaching us about Thoreau and Emerson. Although I’m struggling in your class right now, I really do appreciate the time and effort you put into your class. It must be hard to teach to students like me who have a hard time in class. I swear I did so good in my previous years, but I think I just have English Block this year. Bahaha get it? Writers block, English block? Okay, no.