west swell

Last night was West Swell, Fortunate Youth, and Tribal Seeds at the Galaxy! I had the best fucking time. I love reggae. I swearrr. Reggae, punk rock, and ska. That’s all I need to have a good time. I didn’t see much of West Swell, other than one of the boys jumping into the crowd during Tribal, then falling straight into the middle after a few seconds of crowd surfing. Haha. But I didn’t get to see them play this time. Fortunate Youth is always great, I’m in love with Dan Kelly. Standing above us in the green light, I swear he looked like Jesus. Then for Tribal Seeds, I made my way past everyone and joined David Delaney on stage, dancing with him and Kirin and Elliott. I couldn’t believe it! Fucking David always gets himself into little fiascos, but this was incredible. Thank God our Seedless boys were there so we could dance backstage. It was a sold out show! For Vampire we all went crazy and I was right behind the keyboardist. Hahahha. Ugh. I love it. I love love love music. Shows. DANCING. I’m insane. Going to another show tonight. <3