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The Cloisters - 99 Margaret Corbin Dr, NY 10040

While first-time visitors to New York are encouraged to visit the city’s flagship museums – The Met, MoMA, The Guggenhein… the real fun to be had is in the city’s lesser-known homes of art and artefacts.
Falling under the same ownership as The Met, The Cloisters may be bit of a hike to get to (you’ll have to take the subway to the northernmost part of the city, past Harlem) but the expedition is worth it. In a quiet, suburban neighbourhood that feels borderline rural compared to the claustrophobia of midtown, The Cloisters is a castle-like structure devoted to the art and architecture of Medieval Europe. Comprised of five cloisters imported from France, the museum offers an immersive experience back in time, with monastery-style gardens, a room that recreates a 12th-century chapel and awe-inspiring collection of Medieval tapestries, objects and works of art.

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