west row

so you have the batfam, right? and we all know that bruce and clark are in love, so there’s ur superfam/batfam tie in, and since bruce & clark are the “heads” of their respective families, that means that the superfam and batfam are now the superbatfam and are the same thing. following me? good. 

and we know that dick is in love with wally, which means that the batfam and the flash fam are tied together, and since barry & bruce love their kids (dont tell me wally isn’t barrys kid i won’t hear of it), an effort is made to combine the bat & flash fam. so the superbatfam and the flash fam are connected. still following?

that leaves jason, who’s in love with roy, and since bruce loves his son but hates oliver and oliver loves his son and hates roy, and also roy hates oliver (and jason hates bruce but like, not really) the arrow and bats combine via dinah, who’s–wait for it–in love with babs. so the arrowfam is tied to the batfam via dinah, who’s a part of the arrow fam whether or not she’s dating ollie, and roy.  

roy & jason are, of course, dating kyle, who’s a lantern, and therefore you have the lanterns claiming to be tied to the superbatarrowflash fam, as well. still with me?

and steph & kara & cassie are in love, which is relevant because cassie is in the wonderfam, and diana is bff with bruce and clark and donna is bff w dick, so naturally the bats & wonders are one & the same now. 

obvs tim is dating kon & whatnot, but the superfam is already connected, & cass is dating harper–a bat–so now all we have to do is remember that the bats, supers, arrows, lanterns flashes, and wonders are all one big family. still with me? good. 

now i want you to close your eyes and imagine the thanksgivings

Early October, Gotham City

Early October. Sunday morning.

It happens a few times a year, mostly in the summer and fall. He’ll send Clark out to patrol in his place and go to bed early so he can wake up in the morning, ready to go.

“You’ve taken in a baseball team,” Barry once commented, years ago. “I don’t know why you don’t take advantage of that.”

So he started to.

He doesn’t bother showering. He pulls on a pair of faded blue jeans and a t-shirt, and the black hoodie Damian had given him as a birthday gift that year.

“This is for days off, Father,” his son had ordered. “Do not take this undercover.”

Sometimes Bruce listens to his children.


Amongst the dozens of pairs of shoes in his closet, amidst the soft leather and suede, are a pair of old cleats. He grabs them and pulls them on,

“Good morning, Master Bruce,” Alfred says as he steps into the room. “Up already, I see.”

Bruce grins. “It’s baseball day.”

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Kanye West

「 kαnyε wεst: “powεr” 」

reality is catching up with me, taking my inner child I’m fighting for custody
with these responsibilities that they entrust in me, as I look down at my diamond encrusted piece thinking–

no one man should have all that power; the clock’s tickin’ I just count the hours;
stop trippin’ I’m tripping off the powder, till then, fuck that! the world’s ours
(21st century schizoid man)

5 Characters I Want in Young Justice Season 3!

1,2 &3) Harper, Cas & Steph

I want at least one episode focused around these three girls. Maybe even have Barbara Gordon as Oracle, mentoring them.

4) Jason Todd

I want Jason Todd to be brought back as Red Hood and Team up with Arsenal. I want Jason & Roy to have an awesome bromance!! Hell, even through in Koriand’r to complete the Outlaw team.

5) Wally West!!!

Bring Him Back!!

Battleships at anchor on battleship row in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
USS Nevada
USS Oklahoma *
USS Pennsylvania
USS Arizona *
USS Tennessee
USS California *
USS Maryland
USS West Virginia *
*Sunk or destroyed