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“Who killed my sister? Who killed The Witch of the East? Was it you?!?”

Lastly, I got some footage of one of my favorite Disney animatronics, The Wicked Witch of the West. She’s got the pleasure of being the first A-100 robots to be used at Walt Disney World Resort and she still looks fantastic. My only wish is she finds herself a new home soon where she can still be appreciated. 


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Amidst the glitz and the glitter- A Tower of Terror AU

The year was 1937. The Hollywood Tower Hotel was bustling. On the twelfth floor, a party was in full swing, awaiting socialite Sara Lance, the guest of honor. Four other people climbed into the elevator with her–jazz singer Joe West and his daughter, Iris; Bartholomew Allen, the manager of the hotel; and Leonard Snart, not so secret leader of the Rogue’s gang. What happened next was an impossibility.

At exactly midnight, lightning struck the elevator, and everyone inside disappeared. 

Eighty years later, up and coming reporter, Kara Danvers, decides to write an investigative piece about the strange disappearances and what actually happened to the five poor souls inside the elevator. Cisco Ramon, the grandson of the caretaker, let’s her inside, but refuses to step foot into the lobby, swearing that the hotel is haunted. 

While wandering through the hotel, strange things begin happening around Kara. A vase throws itself off the table, a book snaps shut on the front desk, she swears that she sees someone dancing in the halls…

Then, she runs into Barry, who nearly gives her a heart attack. Barry explains that he lives in the area and likes to sneak in sometimes to try and solve the mystery. He shows Kara around, telling her the history of the hotel–including the owner, Eobard Thawne, who seemed pleasant, but was actually a dark, obsessive man who harassed the hotel manager until the day Allen disappeared. 

Kara tells him that the popular theory for the elevator disappearance is that Leonard Snart’s gang kidnapped them all off of one of the other floors to hold for ransom, but something went wrong. Barry, though, disagrees, saying that Leonard was a good man and as much a victim as the others. 

Kara leaves with a lot to think about. The next day, she gets a message from a man named Harrison Wells, the owner of the hotel property. Wells asks that she keeps him in the loop with the investigation, which she agrees. When she comes back to the hotel, Cisco is waiting outside. He tells her he found some old pictures and clippings about the hotel, and her heart nearly stops.

One of the pictures is of the hotel staff, taken in 1935. Barry is in the center. 

When she goes back inside, Barry is waiting for her, dressed like the same as the picture, with a guilty expression. Then, a young woman appears. Then, an older man. A lavishly dressed blonde woman appears next, followed lastly by a man she recognized from the clippings–Leonard Snart. 

The group explains that they were cursed by Eobard Thawne, the owner of the hotel, after Barry rejected his advances because he and Len are in love. Their souls are trapped in the hotel, and can’t move on until they take the elevator to the top floor for the party. Kara decides to help them break the curse by getting Cisco and her friend, Winn, to fix the elevator and help them to the party. 

What they don’t know is that Eobard Thawne is still alive, hiding under the name Harrison Wells, determined to make sure that Barry Allen suffers for eternity…