west point island


This place is sacred. Mysterious, remote, constantly shifting forms.
Some days are lazy blue-sky hazes where the sea rolls softly against the sand. Other days send shivers up your spine as the entire coast shakes with the deep booming roar of waves hurling themselves against the rocks below. Rain pummels you in torrents from above, and the sea is a frothy expanse of roiling, heaving, white.

But sometimes everything is quiet. The water is flat, steely blue, stretching out to grey. The sea and sky are merged into one, with no beginning and no end. The ragged, battle-worn cliffs peer out at you from beyond a swaying curtain of mist. There are no paths here but our own.

This is the coast I know and love.
Not always gentle,
always wild.

Magdalena Point, Juan de Fuca Trail, West Coast of Vancouver Island BC Canada.