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Okay…personal experience moment time…

I’m working at a comic con this weekend. Billy West is one of the guests there for both days. I had this idea to put this scene on a skatedeck years ago, and finally was able to get around to it. Knowing Billy West was going to be there, I thought it would be a great memento for myself to have him sign it.

As luck would have it, I had some down time during a lull in the crowd, and he actually didn’t have a line at that time. So, I walked over, board in hand, and asked if he wouldn’t mind signing the board for me.

Now, I’m not really big on Meet-N-Greets, or getting autographs really…but, that moment…will forever be one of my favorites.

When I handed over the board, which is handpainted, he ran his fingers over it and just went “Oh, wow. This…this is just perfect.” Me, being the self-depricating person I am…internally was screaming all the things wrong with it…but, he just looked up and said “This is exactly what I saw when I first thought of how to approach the character of Fry.”

And…me being the ultimate shipper of Fry and Leela…squealed a little (a fuck ton alot) on the inside. He ran his fingers back over the painting and gently put it down on the table, signing it before picking it back up to look it over again. I told him theirs was my favorite love story, to which he replied “mine too” before handing it back over.

It was such an awesome moment, and I don’t think I could have thanked him enough for completely gushing about the love story between Fry and Leela the same way I do. And for the completely genuine reaction to something I just simply painted onto a piece of wood. By far, one of my favorite moments.

Now, I just need Katey Sagal to do a con nearby so I can see if I can grab her signature…



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lito x hernando

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how can I forget…


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Add your own fave because I’ve become emotionally trash bc of them.

May our ships grow stronger in 2017 🙌