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New Wicked Witch™ Blog

♪ She’s a real spitfire ~ If you MUST speak with the Witch, address her as Cesilie ♪  

♢ A E S T H E T I C  /  R E B L O G  /  A R T  /  R O L E P L A Y ♢

THIS BLOG SUPPORTS ALL VARIATIONS OF THE WWW, including but not limited to: 

The Original Wicked Witch

Wicked [even though I have yet to see it–for shame!]

Tom and Jerry Animated WWW [I realize there are two other animated versions of her, but again, I have yet to see the shows– I really do love this design though!]

Gemmy Animated Wicked Witch [Yes folks! She IS a robot, and she will be drawn/portrayed as a robot. She runs off an adapter using servos/motors. I happen to own this version from 2012-14 [I believe?], with edited cosmetics and costume. :) Proud of my big girl ]

Disney World  / Hollywood Studios Wicked Witch Animatronic She is featured in the Wizard of Oz portion of The Great Movie Ride and OH BOY I LOVE HER. Seeing this beautiful bot is on my top 10 bucket list. From 1989, she is the FIRST A-100 Audio-Animatronic that runs off hydraulics [fluid as opposed to compressed air] for smoother moment.

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