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Don’t think about how this crossover episode could have gone if Karolsen were still established. Two healthy, interracial relationships getting paralleled. Two reporter women who are independent and strong and loving. Two men who love their girlfriends more than anything in this world or a parallel one and know that they can do anything. 

Don’t think about how it would have been Iris and James, the two human Black people in the relationships, who got to save their superhuman SOs in this episode and be the heroes this time. 

Don’t think about if James Olsen had a counterpart in Earth 1 who is also a world-renowned journalist that Iris West absolutely looks up to and is totally starstruck (even though she knows that this is a different James Olsen). Don’t think about James Olsen telling her that being a good journalist isn’t about getting the most glory or being the first to find a good story, but about making telling the truth, no matter how hard it is, and hoping that the story the facts tell can inspire everyone who reads it to do the right thing and make a difference in their own way. Don’t think about James Olsen making sure Iris knows that she is just as much a hero as the Flash, even without a superpower. 

Don’t think about James Olsen and Iris West groaning to each other about all of the stupid shit their respective partners can get into when they’re in full-on hero mode. Don’t think about them commiserating with each other about how scary it is when they put themselves in the line of fire and they can’t do anything about it, but loving them enough to never force them to choose between love of their job and love of their partner. 

Don’t think about how special and groundbreaking this episode could have been in comparison with how ugly and dumb it actually was.


Caitlin Snow Appreciation Week: Day 6 Favorite Killer Frost Moment

“Guess I just needed a little sleep. Thanks guys, I’m feeling much better now. It’s okay, you can let me out, I promise I’m not gonna hurt anybody. Hum… I guess you’re all smarter than I thought…”

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One thing I absolutely loved in this episode was that IRIS took charge tonight. While Cisco, Wally, and Martian Manhunter went to find Music Meister, she played conductor beautifully. She was also a quick thinker when Barry and Kara were in peril, while also remaining as calm as she could. More of that, writers.

Completely agree! 


“call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me!”

I bet Iris and Barry have dressed up as Kim and Ron for Halloween, and I imagine that was before the characters became a couple on the show. When it happened, Iris was laughing (hesitantly) like ‘Nah, that’s just a TV show!’ while Barry was secretly hoping that it might happen to them too… 

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Slurred words

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 Ooooh mai gawd- have you met my mawm? Have you- TIFFANY! TIFF– BITCH PAY ‘TTENTION- alright one more selfie–
Shit hold on, jesus, lemme organize my shit- Do I look shiny? No? Yes? Are you lyin’? If this is goin’ on instagram don’ lie to me, you better show me this when we’re done okay? 

Fuck oh my god you blinked- WAIT!! No, no nonononoonoo, oh my god VALENCIA? Who even uses that filter still, that’s like literally like two or three Coachella’s ago. Christ lemme take it, okay I juuuuust got this fuckin’ adorable app, like oh my god, it makes your skin look like pearlescent fuckin’ dew goddess goodness, like that’s how I got that Harvard boy to smash it- I mean I don’t need filters though, like let’s be real, bitches need bitches from ME on how to not look photoshoped when they photoshop-

What? OH my god yeah I was talkin about my mom! Like oh my god he’s pretty gre-
Yes bitch I said he, like do you know me? Do you know my step-mom? Like fuckin’ ratchet crazy city up in that broken ass bush of a city- LIke don’t even get me started, Becky knows, like daaaaayum, like bitch  be cohraaazy— !!

Okay but back to my mom, he’s just so sweet? Like oh my gawd? Can you believe he’s single- YAS BITCH HE IS- no you’re dad can’t- NO
No bitch your dad’s total creep material like I’m sorry, we talked about this, he’s fucking orange he spray tans, I’m sorry I’m not handing my Saint MILF over to your burnt up step-dad– which reminds me, when’s the divorce? 
Oh fuck yes bitch! You gonna be free and covered in that Alimony money!! Or Should I say ALIMONEEEH YAAAASSS BIIIITCH- you better buy all my drinks for like a cool minute I got you into that VIP party like last week-

Oh my god PUH-LEASE he’s just so great? Like he feeds me and shit and like is practically kinda wrapped around my finger, but not in like a sugar daddy way ‘cause that’d be kinda weird with him? Like with anyone else it’s cool, but not with him, like ew no gross no gucci, like hashtag way too fucking ratchet calm down

But anyway like yeah, if you know of any expensive, good looking, soft– but not too soft, like he needs to be like kinda super ripped, but not too ripped, because ripped guys are fucking assholes trust me I’m dating one, but also like has his shit together and has a nice job and a car? ‘Cause you know he doesn’t deserve a deadbeat, also it would be weird to give my mom a dude that makes soooo much less than the guy I’m dating right now like right? That would be kinda shady?
But yeah girl if you know anyone gimme them digits because-OH MY GOD…. SHUT UP… SHUT– IS THIS OUR SONG??? SHIT THIS IS OUR SONG?!?!?! GET THE FUCK UP IT’S OUR SONG YAAAASSS—

Long before I became obsessed with superheroes, before I read any comics, before I watched any superhero shows, before I’d even seen half of the superhero movies out at the time; I walked into the room while my parents were watching season one of Flash. I don’t remember what episode it was, but Caitlin was captured and begging Barry not to run headfirst into a trap by saving her and he went to save her anyways. I had no context to go on, didn’t know who the characters were or even know what show it was, but neither of those were my first question, instead I asked if those two were a couple. This was two years ago and I didn’t even start to be interested in anything DC until last fall, didn’t start watching Flash till last March, didn’t get obsessed enough to read comics or search for background information till May. Yet I have shipped them since that very first moment, when my 100% unbiased mind saw two people desperate to keep eachother safe and immediately thought there was no other possibility than that they were in love.

Because of how I started shipping Snowbarry it pains me when people say that it’s ‘Racist’ or anti-Iris to ship them. I didn’t even know who any of the characters were, I hadn’t even see Iris yet, I didn’t know that Barry and Iris are canonicaly a couple. Even after starting to watch the show for the first few months I didn’t know that Iris is white in the comics, or that there was any contention surrounding her casting. I absolutely love Iris as a character and am perfectly alright with Westallen being the direction that the show is going. I have no problem with her casting, in fact she is probably one of my favorite actresses as a result of this role.

Yes I still ship Snowbarry. I’m not trying to devalue the amazing canon relationships, nor trying to diminsish the presence of Barry and Iris’ romance or the heartbreak and PTSD that Caitlin must be going through with how many times she lost Ronnie and then the whole ordeal with Zoom. It’s not out of spite or dislike of what is canon, but because not even family usualy try to protect eachother as much as Caitlin and Barry do in that first scene I saw of them, and my heart and mind came to the conclusion that there was no other possible explanation than love.

Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that mid-scene, it just started snowing in Central City? Gotta love Vancouver :))

Living in the most beautiful places in the West has me absolutely spoiled rotten. Nothing compares. Sure, the East Coast is beautiful, but the West has taken my breath away. 


have a celebratory brotherly reunion fanmix that is set up to be the soundtrack for a lot of adventures yet to come

circles - passenger // i bet my life/shots mashup - maddie wilson // brother - mighty oaks // sax rohmer #1 - the mountain goats // somewhere only we know - keane // hills to climb - tim meyers // on your side - cin3ma // bumpy ride - the hoosiers // here’s to us - halestorm // brother - needtobreathe // anything for you - ludo // never look away - vienna teng // don’t tear us apart - dropkick murphys // you know me - air traffic controller // warrior - paradise fears


Look, I don’t watch The Flash, but I just want to proclaim my love for Iris West:

She’s an absolute badass. She’s as gorgeous as the sky itself, and she deserves the world. I hope she’ll get all the happiness she deserve. And if she ever dies, or get’s treated badly, I’m prepared to fight. 

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I dont understand about the "making out" definition about her tweets saying she saw lou and el, 'making out to impossible rip' tbh. Maybe that was the last anon means? And yeah she gets hate from larries. They said she works for sony bc it's james arthur gig and oli is there too. Lmao shes a larrie, even argued with one of eleanor update account before this happened

….They think anyone who doesn’t worship the theory of L@rry works for Sony lmao. 

I’m a 23 year old college student from the Mid West with absolutely no ties to Hollywood at all but because I like Elounor, and believe Louis when he says that he’s with Eleanor and not Harry, I work for Sony I guess lol. That’s not even a valid argument, that’s just whining and making up shit as you go along