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this is what the love of my life would be looking like right about now.

A witness statement filled in on behalf of a police dog, which went on to be shared hundreds of times on different social media sites. When handling a certain case, prosecutors requested the report from a ‘PC Peach’ documented as being at the scene of the crime- not realising that the officer in question was actually non-human! Although police officers saw the opportunity for a bit of light-hearted comedy, the Crown Prosecution Service did not see the funny side and instead issued a complaint against West Midlands Police Station, claiming that their error had been publicly turned into a sarcastic joke by other authority figures. The responsible officer turned himself in to the internal disciplinary unit but no further action was taken.

So Did Y’all Hear About That ‘Super Gonorrhea’ That Destroys Your Reproductive System?

It’s an evolved strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to medications that are used to treat regular gonorrhea. It’s outbreak was in the north of England but is migrating to the West Midlands and the South East. Gonorrhea can damage the uterus to the point of sterilization. So remember y’all keep it wrapped up and go get tested.


Shugborough, Staffordshire, fireplaces by groenling