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RAVENCLAW: “When the President’s got an embassy surrounded in Haiti, or a keyhole photograph of a heavy water reactor, or any of the fifty life-and-death matters that walk across his desk every day, I don’t know if he’s thinking about Immanuel Kant or not. I doubt it, but if he does, I am comforted at least in my certainty that he is doing his best to reach for all of it and not just the McNuggets.” –Aaron Sorkin (Josh Lyman: The West Wing: The Red Mass)

  • Thomas: *points to the Mr.Carson, Mrs O'Brien and Nanny West* Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, *points at Mrs.Hughes* you're cool. *points at Mr.Bates* and fuck you, I'm out.

Wolf symbology


Wolf of the north - Aedion ashryver

Rolfe - the name has origins that mean wolf.

Ansel - has a wolf as the symbol of her family.

Fenrys and conall - the black and white wolf of donarelle- they shape shift. Plus their names also have connections to wolves.


Any more???

I feel like Aelin is finding any wolf she can to sic them on Maeve/ Erawan.

When a child’s upbringing has been completed the individual has acquired something more complex and harmful than a simple obedience response to those in authority. He has developed a whole system of reactions, regressions, thoughts, rationalizations, which form a character structure adapted to the authoritarian social system. The purpose of education - both East and West - is the mass production of robots of this kind who have so internalized social constraints that they submit to them automatically.
—  Maurice Brinton, The Irrational in Politics
Muslim migrants, especially to Europe, are used to establish ethnic enclaves and break down any remnants of European pride, while justifying increasingly oppressive measures against the European populations through ‘human rights’ laws and mass re-education of the young to discard the 'xenophobia’ of their elders and embrace 'multiculturalism’ as the new exciting wave of the future.

Kerry Bolton, “Zionism, Islam and the West.”

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Adam Lanza’s mass shooting documents, including a newspaper clipping of the Northern Illinois University shooting, perpetrated by Steven Kazmierczak, a book entitled Amish Grace about the West Nickel Mines school shooting, and two  printed newspaper articles about a man who opened fire on a group of schoolchildren in Newburgh, New York. On the morning of April 9, 1891, 70-year-old James Foster (named as James Ferguson in the articles above), shot at children, no older than 12-years-old, with a double-barrelled shotgun outside of St. Mary’s Parochial School during recess. Three kids were known to be injured, including 10-year-old Frank Barnes, who was shot upwards of 20 times. Foster was immediately arrested, but his fate is unknown. Nearly 122 years later, Lanza would target even younger children at his former elementary school, and one’s still left to wonder if his fixation on violence against children, which resulted in the deaths of 20 first-graders, was due to envy or a sense of mercy.

Why Altruism Is Killing The West

By The Imperial Autocrat

“No Borders.” “Refugees Welcome.” “We’re all one.”

In defining the ongoing strains of immigration into the West, it’s common for humanitarians to stick to similar slogans. A willingness to defend “All” over “Their Own,” a conspicuous lack of touch with themselves or the views of most people. They perceive themselves as leading some kind of crusade or revolution to bring about their ideal utopia. 

One desired by the very powers they claim to oppose. 

All coming from a sense of “morally superior” altruism. 

While the concept of altruism, and its basic application, is perfectly fine and workable in groups of similar-minded people, its current application is creating a hellstorm for European Civilization.

As author Ricardo Duchesne and Evolutionary Psychologist Kevin MacDonald discuss, European Man from his inception is the most individualistic group on Earth. From its origins in Indo-European culture to Athenian Society to the present, we think not in the context of groups, but the self. 

While several “Group-Minded” or collective time periods exist for us, we have steadfastly defended the principles of the individual. In their view, such a mindset is dangerous when faced with a group that thinks as one, not as one of many. Due to a sense of viewing others in similar contexts, the West has welcomed many incompatible people that will lead to conflicts as time goes on.

A long look at the Migrant “Crisis,” Illegal Aliens in America and the overall lax immigration policies of Western Europe, America and Canada since the 1960′s indicates that trend in action.

Going to a more basic level, the ideal of the nation, and one’s sense of duty and loyalty, is also condemned and denounced.

In the mid-20th century, Psychologists and other “High and Mighty” intellectuals condemned patriotism, or the ideal of national pride, as a dangerous sign of “psychopathy.” Some went further and argued that this type of worldview is a form of “Fascism” that had to be stomped out. Most of them, members of the left and far-left, portrayed anything right of center as “paranoid,” “anti-intellectual,” or “dangerous.” All of which has been a common criticism of “American Conservatism.”

To which the right has largely been reduced to a parody of itself and unable to develop any form of ethos or strength for decades.

In short, via a misapplication of altruism, we see everything and everyone as compatible, ideals as interchangeable and separate worldviews as all relative.

Such are the views of a civilization in decline, removed from reality or the future.

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An Unmatched Giant of the Woods That Makes Its Appearance at Rare Intervals.

The enormous moose that has been the wonder of the sportsmen in northern Maine since 1891 has again been seen, and this time under rather different circumstances from ever before. A bicyclist came close to the monster in the road between Sherman and Macwahoc, and was obliged to abandon his wheel and climb a tree for safety. So he had a near view of the animal, reports the New York Sun.

Every story that comes from the north woods concerning this moose makes him a little bigger than before. It is generally believed that no moose ever killed in Maine, or, so far as is known, anywhere else, has approached in stature or weight, much less in spread of antlers, this specter moose of Lobster lake. He is called the specter moose because of the weird appearance he presents at night, his color being a dirty gray.

It was in 1891 that this moose was first seen in Maine. by Clarence Duffy, of Oldtown, a guide who was cruising around Lobster lake. Duffy did not get near enough to the monster for a shot, but he could see him plainly. Everybody laughed at his story. Not many months after that John Ross, a Bangor lumberman, was at Lobster lake, and one day, while crossing between Big Lobster and Little Lobster takes in company with the foreman of W. L. Maxfield’s camps, he saw the big moose. When he told his story of the monarch of the woods people began to believe that there was something up there worth shooting at.

For some years hunters searched the woods in vain for the big fellow. Not until 1895 was the monster seen again. In that year Granville Gray, a Bangor taxidermist, got sight of the moose, at some little distance, and since then he has had a second view. In 1899 Gilman Brown, of West Newbury, Mass., got nearer to the monster than any of the others and actually had a shot at him. He declared that the moose stood fully 15 feet high, and had antler’s from ten to twelve feet across. He was so close to the animal that he could count 22 points on one side of his antlers, and he thinks there were more. This is a greater number of points than has ever been known on any other moose. His shots did not bring the moose down.

This year the first sight of the big moose fell to George Kneeland, of Sherman, who is taking charge of his brother’s lumber camp on Gulliver brook. In telling of his experience Kneeland said:

“On my way back from Macwahoc, coming to a long piece of rising ground. I dismounted from my bicycle and walked. I had got to the top of the hill and was just about to remount, when I saw what I took to be a horse standing in the road some distance ahead. Wondering what a horse could be doing there, I stopped and gave him a good look, when I found to my surprise that it was not a horse, but a moose, and an immense one, too. I waited a bit to see what he was going, to do, but I hadn’t long to wait, for be lowered his head and came straight for me with the speed of a locomotive. I got to a good, stout tree as quick as I could, and climbed high, where I would be out of reach of the moose’s antlers and be able to see what was going on.

“Meanwhile the moose came tearing down the road, and his antlers reached clear across the road at that place, brushing the branches on either side. I should think they would measure 11 feet, all right enough. He made straight for the bicycle, and, planting his forward paws either side of it, stopped to examine the wheel, smelling of it to his satisfaction, then raised his head, gave a tremendous snort and raced off into the woods, breaking down the small growth of saplings as though they were rushes. The wind was blowing toward me, and that is probably the reason he did not discover me. I waited ten minutes in the tree, and then, finding that he had really gone. I slid down and mounted my wheel, and the way I streaked it for home was a caution.”

The average weight of moose shot in Maine is from 800 to 900 pounds, with antlers spreading from 4 to 4 ½ feet, and rarely having more than 8 to 12 points on a side, while the bell, as the appendage under the animal’s neck is called, is generally eight to nine inches long. All who have seen the big moose of Lobster lake aver that he must weigh at least 2,500 pounds, that his antlers spread not less than ten feet, while the bell is declared to be not less than 18 inches long. It is supposed that this monster wandered into Maine from British Columbia, as none approaching his size has ever been seen in Maine before. He is a great traveler, having been reported in almost every part of northern Maine. The hunter who brings him down will win fame and a big pot of money at the same time.

From— Williston graphic. (Williston. Williams County. N.D.). 06 Dec. 1900.   Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress.

One place actually built this retrofuture mass transit concept, PRT (podcar rail)

To all fans of retrofuturism, there is one place where someone actually took millions of dollars to build a very far out mass transit concept, and people use it every day!

If you ever go to West Virginia University, visit the Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit system built in the 1970s. It’s the only Personal Rapid Transit system ever built, namely, it’s a kind of rail travel where 1) you and your friends get your own personal podcar, so you don’t have to ride with strangers, and 2) instead of stopping at every single point along your route, you push a button to select your destination point and it takes you to your stop directly.

As it is the only place in existence with this kind of PRT, parts are unique and have to be specially ordered. The computer system operating the PRT still uses reel-to-reel computer machines from the 1970s.

I admire creativity and futurism concepts, but I am also a pragmatist. A college campus (or perhaps an airport) with a low density of about 15,000 riders daily is the only kind of place a PRT with personal rail podcars would actually be practical. If you live in a big city, do the math yourself: imagine an average of four riders per podcar, and how many people use transit daily, and how many podcars you would need, and since stations are only of finite length, how many cars could be queued up at a station at one time. It sounds like it would combine the worst of two worlds, the worst traits of mass transit with the worst traits of private cars. Still, it’s nice to know there is a place where people had the courage to try a revolutionary solution, and had the ambition to try a big infrastructure project.

Followers: have you ever used the West Virginia University PRT? What’s it like?