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I have been getting the van ready to go west in the summer.  We are definitely going to Banff and Jasper. My last trip here was very short, It will be amazing to be able to spend as much time as we want exploring the mountains, making art and music, swimming in glacial lakes, taking amazing pictures, living in the van.  Life is good, and getting better.

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CQC: First kisses??

I’ll do first kisses as couples in Modern AU!! 

SAM & ASHLEY: One night during their senior year, Ashley calls Sam at 2 in the morning on a school night, asking if he could come over. Sam argues that it’s a little late (he’s still up playing an MMO with Reagan and Alex, though), but after hearing the sound of Ashley’s voice, Sam tells Ashley his front door is unlocked if he wants to come over. After driving over, Ashley sneaks into Sam’s room and scares him at his computer, getting him to jump. He falls back on Sam’s bed laughing, while Sam logs out of his computer. Sam sits next to him, and eventually asks why he wanted to come over, although he already pretty much knows it’s because of Ashley’s parents. Ashley admits he didn’t want to spend another night alone in his mansion, and he quietly thanks Sam for letting him come over, even if it’s late. Sam’s quiet before he leans down and over, kissing Ashley like he’s wanted to for years, and Ashley reciprocates just as gently.

ABE & OLIVIA: During an argument over something trivial (because they don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things until they raise their voices), Abe rushes to kiss Olivia. They’re both stunned after and then Olivia starts yelling again that their first kiss shouldn’t be while they’re arguing about pomeranians.

KASEY & JASPER: After visiting his cousin on the east coast, Kasey tells Jasper he’s leaving to go back home to the west coast. Jasper pretends like he doesn’t care that he’s leaving, because Jasper prefers not to have people close to him. But on the last day, Jasper works up the nerve to go to Ashley’s house, where Kasey’s staying. Kasey’s surprised he came, and Jasper admits he doesn’t know what he was thinking, and gets flustered. Kasey kisses him while he’s still talking and coming up with excuses. 

DAHLIA & COOPER: Both Dahlia and Cooper don’t like commitment, so they’re fine with bar hopping and finding someone cute to either make out with or take home. They find each other one night while out with friends at a bar and subsequently make out.

REAGAN & ALEX: Alex has had a crush on his best friend for most of his life, but Reagan is either oblivious or she doesn’t reciprocate, so Alex never pushes it. Reagan has crushes on other people a lot, like Ashley, but nothing ever happens, but Alex still never tries anything until they’re older. Reagan’s a ballerina and after a show during college, Alex gives her a bouquet of flowers. While she’s admiring them, he leans down (really far down, because she’s like two feet shorter than him), and kisses her cheek. As he’s apologizing, Reagan leans up to kiss him, but only gets his chin.