west is just the cutest ok

canesuga  asked:

Ur icon is so cute!!!!! You are super lucky u got to meet them!! what's was your favorite moment?~

Thank you! Omg my favorite moment….ugh he it so hard to choose only one! Hehe I guess I would have to say it would be when I got to talk to namjoon! Since he’s my bias, it meant a lot to me to talk to him because he means so much to me! I talked to him the longest out of bangtan actually! We talked about kcon he told me bts was going (even tho I already knew lol) he told me they were going in late July lol he got the date wrong! LoL I laughed and told him that kcon was actually in august! He laughed and said oh really? I’m sorry I forgot haha (aww poor baby didn’t know when kcon was lol) then suga decided to come over and stand next to namjoon while I was talking to him! Hehe I guess he wanted to listen to our convo ! So then I decided to ask namjoon why he said “west side till I die ” in the song “if I ruled the world ” from the ORUL82 album even tho he had never been to the westide till now ah aha! He was so embarrassed it was the cutest thing ever he laughed and said ” that’s true haha I don’t know why I said it It just sounded cool with the song at the time” we both laughed , EVEN SUGA LAUGHED at him too haha :) it was cute then I said “haha it’s ok it doesn’t matter cuz your here now!” Then i decided to teach namjoon and suga how to do the westide hang sign haha! They were laughing so I guess they enjoyed it! I also taught him how to do the bro handshake haha it was hilarious he was like “aye wassup” I laughed ! :) so yeah that was one of my fave moments in particular! We talked more after that (which I will explain more when I post more pics) and then they went to go film :) it was amazing being able to talk to my bias ! Also seeing his dimples in person was fucking awesome

Thank you for asking ! Feel free to ask anymore if u would like!