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One misconception people have about Haiti is that, poverty runs the country. The media will never show you just how beautiful it is. There is in fact life there. Haitians party, work, raise families, go to school, & vacation there. Haiti is so rich in value but you shouldn’t have to go there yourself to know that. - 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

Being Haitian

Out of all the West Indian countries Haiti is always looked down upon and slandered. They do not talk about Haiti the way they talk about Jamaica, Trinidad, or Bahamas etc. every other island is always associated with beauty & riches; while Haiti is associated with everything negative like Voodoo, poverty, & corruption. Every single island has their form voodoo yet no one talks about that, Jamaica can be pretty damn rough, I mean each island has their own problems..You can’t be beautiful & be Haitian bc apparently were ugly, & poor. Growing up I used to get bullied for being Haitian. I mean we’re constantly shit on but Lemme clear it up though, Haitian People ARE NOT symbols of poverty. We’re Fucking human beings. Hard working people. There is so much beauty, culture, & riches on that island. From the food, music, to the beaches…Haiti was the First & ONLY BLACK NATION to gain its independence from colonial oppression; Haiti Led a REVOLUTION That made the U.S & France hate on them. They’ve been through years of oppression, continuous hatred, devastating disasters & still hold true to their very words of “UNION FAIT LA FORCE”, But we’re the poorest country ?! Nah we been runnin shit Haitian, Black & Muthafuckin Proud of it ✊🏾

Watching orange is the new black and the one white girl said look at all these Mexicans & the other one said nah their Dominicans. Dominicans are the ones who play baseball and swear they're not black even though they're on the same island as Haiti. BITCHHHH OTNB IS OUT HERE throwing shade and speaking truth this season.
Dominican Republic & Haitians

Some Dominicans swear up & down they’re not of African decent or black. Sorry but your ancestry tells a different story. They like to project their anti-blackness upon Haitians & darker Dominicans, probably BC Haiti was the only & first to lead a black revolution & became the first independent black nation to win its freedom from their colonial oppressor. Dominican Republic like the majority of the Caribbean was built on the backs of Africans. Everything from their music to their food is Black, yet they like to believe the lies of their oppressors & deny any blackness, racism, or issues of colorism deteriorating the country.

I've always had a problem with mulatto/white Haitians. A lot of mulatto or white Haitians run the entertainment/major business and live upper class in Haiti especially bc of their fair skin. Ex president Michel Martellys family has to be the biggest example of this. They only marry, & socialize with other mulatto or white Haitians. Whenever Haitians are called ugly we always try and defend ourselves by showing off white Haitians before we show off a beautiful dark skin person. To make matters worse mulatto/ white Haitians only make up 10% of the population yet remain superior in class & beauty. They're so proud to be Haitian while literally perpetuating colorism in a country that is predominantly Black & was made independent by Blacks!