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Can you make a summary of the evidence please if you have time or an anon for perspective?

July 22 : They were spotted at the Hyde with Chandler and cie. No public taken but several people mentionning it on twitter.

August 8: They are photographed leaving avenue after Kendrick Lamar concert. They jumped into the same limo (apparently with friends too).

August 9: With Chandler, Ratty and another guy, Blake took a commercial flight to Dallas where they are seen partying.

August 10: Blake, Chandler, James and Ratty took a private jet with Hailey and Kendall to go to the Hamptons. They spent the weekend there and several fans mentionned seeing them. No evidence of a relationship but people on twitter said they were inseperable.

August 13: Back in LA, they went to Craig’s in west hollywood for dinner. They were seen arrived separatly but people inside confirmed they were together. Still with friends. They left in different car. Blake left by the front door et Kendall by the back door.

After the second headlines, it’s quiet for few days. We are all saying they are probably just friends.

August 17 : An anon here mentionned Blake, Kendall and another guy (not Chandler) at Mels diner. I can’t confirm because I’ve not seen any pic or heard anyone else mentionning it before this anon on the blog.

August 18: Blake and Kendall are seen again at the Hyde. No pic allowed ny security but she spent the night on his lap. A source of mine was there and saw them. She wasnt able to catch a pic.

August 20: Blake, Chandler, James, Kendall and another guy went to Costco. Few pic of Blake were posted on social medias, one of Kendall (from what I’ve seen, maybe more) and several person on social medias mentionned seeing them there.

It’s pretty much where we stand about the Kendall/Blake rumor.


Gym to Dinner Looks from last night’s shenanigans. I went to a good friend’s birthday dinner last night t a 5 start steakhouse in West Hollywood. Now why sweatpants you ask? Because I can….plain and simple. I like to do the unexpected. I knew everyone in our group would be wearing fancy dresses and whatnot, so I made a conscious decision to go against the grain. I am a true contrarian lol. 

So yes, I bust out my old school college sweats (I briefly attended USC) and a deconstructed grey top, and paired the whole look with a leather jacket and my Zara Mules.

It’s funny my friend posted the group picture of us last night, and I kind of got a lot of hate on the look (albeit, I also got a lot of love). But the good thing about it all is that this look provoked a response, whether it was good or bad.  I live to inspire you to just be yourself, unapologetically. So don’t follow me - follow your own instincts. Don’t follow the trends - set your own.


Becca Tobin from ‘Glee’ leaves Au Fudge restaurant in West Hollywood after dinner with her friend Lea Michele. (Mar. 23, 2016)

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH511ujVbi4)