west hell

Each bolt a burning river

“More like Kid Flash.”
“Don’t call me that, how about no one calls me that?”

“–Where you’re Kid Flash”
“The Flash”

“Kid Flash”

“Welcome to the team, Kid Flash.”

“Are we really calling me “Kid Flash”?

“ Yeah, I think we are.”

“I think you’re officially Kid Flash now.”

The city needs a Flash. The city needs the lightning racing through the streets and up the sides of buildings. Wally knows this. For so long, he dreamed of running, and then he felt the lightning in his bones, threading across every nerve. He didn’t want to be second best, he didn’t want to be the afterthought, like the thunder, coming too late. It wasn’t about fame or glory, it was about proving himself. He was not a child. He’d have done anything to take the same risks, fight the same battles.

Wally would do anything to be Kid Flash again.

alright don’t get me wrong, melissa killed it in the musical episode and the superfriends were really cute but also what if alex got stuck in music meister’s alternate universe instead of kara? 

  • because let’s be real, alex is probably the one who introduced the wizard of oz to kara so her knowledge of movie musicals is pretty widespread
  • anyways she gets to this universe and meets barry for the first time and is totally 100% ready to deck him in his dopey smiling face 
  • (“barry allen? as in the barry allen who brought my little sister to an alternate universe to fight deadly aliens because your little vigilante task force wasn’t strong enough?? even though her family is literally trained in fighting and taking down aliens? that barry allen?” “i now see that was a mistake.”)
  • and alex begrudgingly forgiving and agreeing to work together with barry because she has to get home to her family somehow
  • and barry understanding why kara literally talks about alex all the time, like alex hung the moon or something, because even without powers alex is probably the strongest and most driven person he’s ever met, accepting the mission and diving in headfirst, doing whatever she needs to do to get home. 
  • (alex mostly just wonders how this universe has a pretty accurate replica of kara’s dorky, loving personality in the body of the fastest man alive. she definitely doesn’t take comfort in the similarities between the two. nope, not at all)
  • ((okay, a little bit. but only because there’s something in barry’s smile that just reminds her of kara, of home))
  • also, barry and alex fighting over which movie was better, singing in the rain, or the wizard of oz. they finally come to a consensus, saying that the sound of music probably tops both. 
  • also, barry completely surprised at how pretty alex’s singing voice is, because lbr chyler’s voice could probably summon angels
  • and at the end, when both alex and barry get shot, which honestly, i don’t think would’ve happened because alex is probably has more awareness of bullets and the danger of shootouts than both barry and kara combined, let’s be real
  • and then cisco vibing iris and kara to the alternate universe 
  • kara would most definitely be there because alex, despite the healing she has gone through over the course of the show, still has a very broken, very damaged heart, what with all of that happened with her father, and she’s probably still having nightmares about the white martian mind meld and the myriad mind control, where she turned on the people she loves
  • plus all of the inner turmoil in her head with her coming out and also trying to balance work, family, and a completely new relationship
  • alex is damaged goods, but kara’s undying love for alex would definitely remedy that
  • (and let’s be real, the love goes both ways, what with kara feeling lonely and like she’s losing her sister, her anchor to reality, so alex totally could’ve saved kara in canon, showing that she’ll always be there for kara and is never letting her go.) 
  • anyways, iris and kara are vibed into the alternate universe and barry and iris have their epic true love’s kiss 
  • kara kneeling next to alex, tears streaming down her face, because alex totally couldn’t be dying, alex was the one to save the rest of the superfam. alex was, is, their rock, and alex couldn’t die on her, not like this. 
  • and alex smiling through bloody teeth and “what i wouldn’t give for one of the deo’s bulletproof dresses right about now,” and kara laughs and grips alex’s hand and presses a kiss to alex’s forehead
  • and then they’re back in star labs and alex is alive, alive, alive
  • and kara pulls alex into a rib-bruising hug and j'onn joins in and then they all go home
  • home, to their earth
  • home, to national city
  • home, to kara’s apartment, where winn and james and maggie are waiting with pizza and potstickers and cookie dough ice cream
  • and alex and kara snuggle up on the couch together, surrounded by their friends, their family, and feel so, so loved

“Wow, a real space ship,” Wally says in amazement, turning in a circle to get a good look at his surroundings. 

“Actually, it’s a time ship.” Wally whips around, planting his attention on the man leaning against the entrance to the bridge. 

“Uh, hi,” Wally says, eyes wide. “Sorry, I just assumed-" 

"It’s all good. I’m Jax, by the way,” Jax says, walking over to Wally. He extends his hand and Wally takes it, apparently forgetting how to shake hands because Jax’s are so warm. 

“Wally,” he says, “Wally West." 

"Yeah, Kid Flash,” Jax says with a smile on his face. “And, uh, glad you like my ship." 

Wally gawks at Jax. 

Your ship?“ Wally asks, still reeling from being in an actual space - no, sorry - time ship. 

"Mmhm,” Jax hums. “You know, being the captain and all -" 

Co-Captain,“ Sara says, waltzing into the bridge. She comes up next to Jax, slinging her arm over his shoulder. 

"Sara Lance, I’m the other Captain.” She gives Wally a wink, and squeezes Jax a bit to her side. “But, Jax is Chief Engineer, he knows this ship better than the back of his hand. Maybe he can show you around." There’s something in her voice that makes her sound like a meddling big sister. She side glances at Jax, a smirk on her lips. 

Jax wants her to leave, because he cannot spit game when she’s here embarrassing him. 

"Yeah, I’d like that,” Wally says. “I’ve never been on one of these before, so I could use a knowledgeable tour guide.” Wally’s wide grin and shining eyes make heat rise to Jax’s face, but he quickly gathers his composure. 

“Alright, let’s get started then.” Jax nods for Wally to follow him, and they almost make it out of the bridge without incident. Until Sara calls out to them. 

 "Why don’t you show him where the sleeping quarters are first?“ 

 Jax just shakes his head and groans, tugging Wally into the hallway.

David Duchovny Q&A in Seattle

*these are not exact, not all questions or full answers are included*

Lately it’s Always December is least played at concerts, why?

“It’s a slow song. It’s a hard song to play. Ask Tom.”

My daughter wanted me to ask if you prefer book writing or song writing?

“She’s still on facetime? Tell her to go do her homework or something! They’re two different things…” (my mother handed him her book, “Facing the Talk: Conversations With My Four Daughters About Sex”) “My daughter’s 18. I don’t know if we’re there. Maybe we’ll see how badly I fucked up”

Who did you write the rain song for?

“A person… Hey Colin! Are we doing The Rain Song in Seattle? We are.”

*didn’t hear question clearly*

“I never thought I’d be writing songs…”

Someone asked about some sort of slippers or shoes??

David had no idea what they were talking about… Someone handed him the shoes. “Maybe I’ll put these on, kick my feet up and read that book.”

Who’s on your top five?

“It’s private. I’ll tell you my top five boys… *starts naming off band members*”

What are your favorite cities or some that have surprised you?

“I love the Northwest… I’ve spent some time up here filming… Haven’t spent much time in Seattle… I think I filmed a pick up game here… (something about the rain…) I love the West Coast of the United States of America. I loved Oregon, hadn’t been to Portland before. Seattle was the first concert on this tour to be sold out.”

Which did you enjoy filming more? Californication or The X Files?

…It depended on my mood. The X Files was very difficult.

You wrote for both of them…

“I never wrote for Californication… I directed both The X-Files and Californication. Californication was more fast paced.”


Snapchat adventures after the mail arrived today— the prints came out better than I could have hoped omggggg!!

This is the biggest comic project I’ve ever worked on and it’s beyond amazing to finally have physical copies of it– I’m happy as hell rn 🎉🎉✨✨