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ABC Tag Game

I was tagged by @nelioe. Thanks hun!

A - age: 23
B - biggest fears: dying old and alone and forgotten, spiders and height
C - current time: 11:28PM
D - drink you last had: water
E - every day starts with: taking Garcinia tablets and feeding the cat
F - favorite song: Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
G - ghosts, are they real?: Dunno about ghosts, but definitely spirits
H - hometown: Hobsonville/West Harbour in Auckland
I - in love with: movies, animals, thunderstorms, the smell of baking
J - jealous of: people who are confident about themselves regardless of their looks. Body confidence is an amazing thing!
K - killed someone: only in my writing, but I won’t lie, there are times where I’ve wondered if I’d get away with it (and planned how I’d do it) when someone’s being a particular pain in my ass!!
L - last time you cried: last week while watching a movie
M - middle name: Rose
N - number of siblings: 3
O - one wish: Get into shape faster so I could be proud of myself and how I look
P - person you last called/texted: parents
Q - questions you’re always asked: (these are ones from work)
1.  Q “So how long is the flight to Milford? A “35 minutes, but we allow 45 with take offs and landings.”
2.  Q “Where’s the bathroom?” A “Outside (where I just told you two seconds ago) and my personal favourite
3.  Q “Is there time to stop at the mall before we get on the cruise?” A “Well you’ll be walking for a few days as the closest one is in Invercargill. Milfords a National Park so they haven’t quite upgraded the facilities there yet.”
R - reasons to smile:
the fandoms I’m involved in and everything that comes with it, especially the friends I’ve made. Also, my little whale of a cat Norm who is constantly pestering me for cuddles and kisses and being a general paper weight/desk ornament.
S - song last sang:  Moana soundtrack
T - time you woke up: 9:30am
U - underwear color: Pink
V - vacation destination:
Haven’t got one planned, however I’m hoping to go and work on super yachts later in the year so wherever they take me :D
W - worst habit: procrastinating
X - x-rays had: wrist and leg
Y - favorite food: Urgh so many!! Chinese food, butter chicken, ICE CREAM, chocolate…
Z - zodiac sign: Gemini

I tag @silva13 @my-trex-has-fleas @bubbles759 @cybermanolo @lilarosa712 @lakritzwolf and anyone else who wants to do it for shits and giggles :P