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See the cast of Hamilton show their support to the LGBT community this pride month!

It’s no secret that the cast of Hamilton have been allies to the LGBT community for a long time, their acts of support and unity range from founder Lin Manuel Miranda’s ‘Love Is’ speech in remembrance of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting to the tour cast taking part in the upcoming San Fran pride parade.

Also never to be overlooked is the presence of those of the cast who are openly members of the LGBT community, who use their platform to inform and educate about the struggles that the community face, in particular it’s POC members who face discrimination even from other members of the LGBT community and are often made to feel particularly unsafe due to the denial of basic human rights. This is shocking as most of the progress we as a community have made was thanks to the suffrage and hard work of POC.

If you do one thing today, regardless of your race, regardless of your sexuality or whether or not you’re a Hamilton fan, you should strive to use your voice and position to fight for the rights of those who are denied them, yet deserve them as much as any of us.


Beautiful UK Aminta Photos

  1. Maria Kesselman, 1986
  2. Harriet Jones, 2016
  3. Leila Benn Harris, 2007
  4. Olivia Brereton, 2013
  5. Sarah Brightman, 1986
  6. Tabitha Webb, 2009
  7. Rebecca Caine, 1987
  8. Zoë Curlett, 1998
  9. Anna O’Byrne, 2012

i saw miss saigon today so here’s a kim to help me recover from All That

can we just talk about the fact nic rouleau has played elder price for over FIVE years??? and can we also discuss the fact he has played the role not only on broadway but also the west end and for the tour!!! lets just take a moment to appreciate that lil bean because he has been so dedicated to this role for so long and tbh the day he announces he is leaving the show i will probably cry my eyes out because he is such an awesome kevin and i’ll miss him a lot okay im done


Her name was Fantine. Remember that name: Fantine. Fall on your knees whenever you pronounce it. She suffered much. And loved you much. Her measure of unhappiness was as full as yours of happiness. 


Just a few of my set pictures from my production of Les Mis in Batley and Spen! The whole thing was staged in traverse and included props and costume from various sources. Just a few here are the barricade from one of the west end tours, the flag from the 2012 movie with crates from the O2 arena production and the Rue Plumet gates used in the Manila, Singapore and Dubai performances (And I noticed ‘Les mis Aus’ was written on one side too). I even included a nice picture of me next to the gates for scale ;)

Sorry for any quality issues, I tried my best! ;)

The Phantom fandom.

- *insert gina beck reaction gif*
- pizza rolls
- hugh panera bread
- @ doctor who fandom our harriet jones is not the same as your harriet jones
- ben lewis’ crazy eyes
- leon
- my chemical raoulmance
- hadley fraser’s guy liner
- @ west end and us tour star princess dresses please get your shit together
- the theory to christine’s madness is ramin karimloo
- jeremy stolle’s vines
- when that meg takes buquet’s part in magical lasso
- the famous us tour table dance
- someone: opinion on love never dies?
phantom fan: what is that you speak of
- otto the cat was trying to save us all from hell

theatre preferences

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1. Musicals or plays
2. Tragedy or comedy
3. Onstage or backstage
4. Lights or sound
5. Minimal or spectacular
6. Constructing or striking
7. Painting or building
8. Props or set
9. Rehearsals or performances
10. Opening night or closing night
11. The pit or the booth
12. Quick scene transitions or quick costume changes
13. Cue-to-cue or dress rehearsal
14. Costumes or set
15. Ushering or selling tickets
16. Children’s theatre or ‘grown up’ theatre
17. Music directing or choreographing
18. Performing/running the show or watching the show
19. Licensed shows or original shows
20. Shows based off of books or movies
21. One act or two acts
22. Big theatres or intimate theatres
23. Highschool theatre or community theatre
24. In-the-round or proscenium
25. Major theatre district (bway, west end, etc) or National Tours

ps this is just for fun so have a blast and don’t take it too seriously