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Can we talk about how in the High School Musical movies, Ryan and Sharpay’s dream was Broadway and it was portrayed as the ultimate goal?

Not Hollywood. Not film. Not tv. Broadway.

This franchise has it’s flaws, but for once theatre was shown as the pinnacle of an actor’s dream instead of a stepping stone to become famous behind a camera (in real life, sadly actors are only taken seriously after they do camera work, usually never before). I know theatre is getting more popular, thanks to Hamilton and recently successful musical movies, and there’s a handful of tv shows and movies now that say its is as desirable as Hollywood.

But with HSM, it was shown as cool for a generation of kids in the 2000s. When does that ever happen? When are dancers portrayed as awesome like Ryan? When are composers like Kelsi shown as talented instead of wasting their time tinkering around on a piano? When were singers who can’t stop talking about musicals like Sharpay portrayed as well, fabulous instead of annoying? Sure, her personality wasn’t portrayed as something to be emulated, but her love for the stage set her apart. The theatre nerd was the most popular girl in school.

Good for you, High School Musical.

Rae’s Unfinished Works

Which of my unfinished works should I finish next??? This would of course be once How Could You is completed!

1. Wasting Time (Dean/Reader) -

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After the incident with Bloody Mary, Dean decides it’s time to tell Sam. Time to tell Sam about what he did during the two and a half years Sam was away at Stanford and Dean wasn’t hunting with John. Time to tell Sam about what they both had in common with their father.


2. Locked Out (Teen!Sam/Reader) -

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Sam Winchester’s arrival to West End High School sparked a confusion in the entire class. Why would someone transfer so late into high school? Was something wrong with him? Did he get kicked out of his other schools? But the single person that never engaged in the petty gossip about why he had arrived was you. Because you shut yourself out.


3. X. The Reason (Sam/Reader) -

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After the Fall, Sam is in critical condition. Dean does something he knows Sam probably wouldn’t approve of, but he does it for the sake of saving his brother. But what will be the consequences of his actions?


4. Okay (Dean/Reader) -

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You reject the guy at the bar, only to run back to him when you get a call that your best friend has been in a terrible accident. What happens next with him when you take him home is not what you’d expected.


5. Didn’t See It Coming (Adam/Reader) - 

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The reader goes on summer vacation down to Florida before her junior year of college. There she meets a guy named Adam, who starts out as a passerby breaking up a fight some frat guy picked with the reader, but becomes much more than the reader bargained for for a summer fling. 


6. Brothers (Sam/Reader) -

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Ever since your half-brother, Adam, who you shared a mother with, got locked in the Cage, you did anything to get him out. Turns out you aren’t the only one that would do anything for your brother.


Some of these are very old fics I dropped off a long time ago, and some of them are a bit newer and I have not forgotten about them! 

Message me with your votes on which fic I should continue!


Muggleborn headcanon

Sixth year muggleborn Gryffindors ask Dumbledore if they could perform a stage play that is very popular back home to bring the West End to Hogwarts but trick him into believing that High School Musical is one of the longest running plays in the UK. He agrees but secretly knows and finds it hilarious to hear pretentious purebloods humming “We’re All In This Together” through the corridors after their performance.

Gimme a Malira Dancer AU set in New York City.

Kira Yukimura has been taking ballet since she was two and a half years old. She practically lives en pointe. She practices on her own in the early mornings before she heads to an arts magnet high school, and with her troupe after school in the studio. Her dream is to attend Julliard and eventually dance for the New York City Ballet company, and her parents - the incredibly supportive Ken and Noshiko - are behind her every step of the way. With auditions for Julliard looming, Kira’s practicing like never before, dancing her heart out and getting better every day. Nothing can stand in the way of her dreams.


Julliard requires one solo dance and one partnered dance for the audition, and with only two months to go until the big day, her dance partner, Scott, breaks his leg while playing backyard lacrosse with some of his friends. Kira knows she can’t be upset with him - Scott’s a great dancer, but his real love is animals, and he never intended to pursue dance after they graduate, so it’s unreasonable to expect that he’d be as careful with his body as she has to be with hers. But whether or not she’s upset, Scott can’t dance with her at auditions, and with only two short months to go, how will she ever find a partner in time?

Enter Malia, new transfer from some giant high school out west who seems to have ended up at Arts Magnet mostly by mistake, but then one day Kira goes to the auditorium after rehearsal and finds Malia on stage, dancing to something with a heavy, grinding sort of beat, and it’s wild and beautiful and unrestrained - everything that Kira’s perfect ballet partner dance isn’t - but she doesn’t care. She’s going to dance with this girl even if it’s the last dance she ever gets to do.