west creative


I swear to God I wanna be great
Just writing to catch your hearts, so I hope you relate
And it’s always hard to believe when you’re dealin’ with hate
But God knows this success is a part of my fate

I’m gifted, and only driven by ambition
Got big dreams telescopes couldn’t capture my vision
Nigga, I’m highly spoken so even the deaf can listen
Racing against myself, I’m my own competition

Trying to bring me down won’t even make a difference
My thoughts are ahead of your words, they’ll never cover the distance
Through criticism and hate my drive remains consistent
So when I make it in time, don’t even ask for forgiveness

I’m in this
And you can watch my rise and you can witness
My glory and my shame and ask yourself “what is this?”
Monetizing my dreams like I’m starting up a business

They tell me the sky’s the limit, mine’s the sun and the moon
Wanna travel overseas, experience Summer in June
Wake up somewhere in an island to a beautiful view
French girl on my bed side, and she beautiful too

I’m just working on my craft til em millions are sold
Silver and gold, and fucking all them bitches in Vogue
Wanna be a millionaire before I’m 40 years old

So gimme that Rolex, that AP, that Breitling, that time
Man, I’m just chasing my dreams until the glory is mine - Yeezy taught me.

I write what I like and I do what I love
Written by Sipho Hokwana, May 2014


The Flash characters + Values - Cisco Ramon [3/?]

I know you’re new here, so I’m just gonna break it down for you. The whole naming the bad guys thing? That’s my jam.