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My rant about this Kendrick Lamar thang

Sooooo I don’t get it, Kendrick Lamar called out specific people whom he’s competing with on the radio right now and THEY haven’t responded, but people the he hasn’t said not one wrong thing about are responding???? Why? He wasn’t even TALKING to you or about you OBVIOUSLY because he has some respect for you and your craft and isn’t trying to clump up in with the rest…. What are you jealous? Did you want to be called out? Like where is the response from Big Sean, or Jay Electronica or Wale or Meek Mill?! Nowhere. Because I personally don’t think they can hang. He called out the “new n***az” so why are a you old folks getting your tighty-whiteys in a bunch? SIT DOWN and let the people he ACTUALLY called out respond or respond to that, cuz if you’re trying to say that Kendrick isn’t a damn animal in the game you OBVIOUSLY have never listened to all his songs (not JUST the radio tracks), you never checked his lyrics and you most certainly didn’t pay attention to what he was saying in the verse itself… But I find it funny tho, how these folks have to make a whole damn song just to respond to a 20-something year-olds verse…. I’m just saying