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EXCLUSIVE || One Direction Star Harry Styles’ Recipes for Success

Styles’ first single “Sign of the Times” to premiere on BBC Radio 1′s Breakfast Show on April 7th

This One Direction star has a sit-down with we of the AAS and spills the deets on the surprising inspiration behind his new solo career!

Harry Styles (23) of the wildly popular One Direction has at long last abandoned his reclusive ways and returned to the folds of society from his top-secret celebrity abode to release a single this coming Friday the 7th of April.

But even a mere 48 hours before the release of his debut single, fans are still confused about what the song might even be about. One anonymous fan commented,

“The cover art for the single honestly scares me a bit. It’s so red! Is it supposed to look like the world is on fire? I mean that’s what mine FEELS like whenever Harry does anything but like, is that what he’s going for? And the title is so apocalyptic. Is he trying to tell us his single is going to bring about the apocalypse? Because like, I believe him, but I also don’t want to die before I’ve heard the rest of his album, you feel?”

Another fan was adamant, and said, “Oh it’s just Harry trying to let us know about his home planet. None of us know exactly where it is or what it looks like, but all that red is supposed to bring up Mars and Martians. He’s been away from his alien family for a long time now, you know? I’m sure he’s feeling homesick.”

Styles recently reaching out and attempting to make contact with his alien relatives in space

We reached out to the star to get his side of things, and Styles explained:

“The title is actually a reference to an experience I had one morning. I had just come back from my morning run, back in the LA home, right? I remember the weather was just lovely. The afternoon heat hadn’t set in yet because it was still pretty early in the morning, but the sky was this beautiful shade of blue that reminded me of Lou’s eyes…And uh, usually I have a smoothie after my run, see, but when I got home and opened the drawer in the fridge to find the kale…because like, everything in the fridge is really carefully organized…there was nothing there! I swear I’d gone to the store and picked up some more, but I couldn’t find anything, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Like, how could I have a smoothie without kale blended into it, you know? And then I was like, uh, struck by inspiration and right there in our open-concept kitchen I jotted down the beginnings of the single.”

Styles on set recently filming his introspective music video  

Styles intends to go in a different direction for the single’s music video, however.

Some rather curious pics came out recently, showcasing the young star flying high in the sky with the help of cables and a harness hooked up to a helicopter. Styles explained,

“I eat a lot of free-range grain-fed organic chicken, because it’s good for building muscle, and with this album generally I really wanted to focus on exploring my relationship with the food I consume, and like, figuring out where my sources of nutrition come from you know? So I decided to focus on that in the music video, instead.

I really wanted to like, understand the bird’s perspective, you know? I needed that connection. But to do that I had to become the bird, so they hooked me up to a helicopter and I really get them, now. I feel a lot closer to the birds. They’re like a part of me, and I’ve become one of them. It’s a really beautiful feeling.”

Styles maintaining his natural diet with an order of salad with salad on the side

“To be honest,” the singer confessed, “I try to eat as little meat as possible. I prefer to get my protein from plants or powder blended into my smoothies. I feel bad about eating the poor animals. They didn’t like, ask to be eaten, you know? Especially now that I understand my main source of animal protein so intimately.

That day with the helicopters on set changed me. I’m a changed man. I just hope the fans will be able to experience that same kind of change when they watch the music video. I’m so excited about it. It’s definitely one of my greatest accomplishments so far as an artist.”

The namesake of Styles’ album, “Bullet”

The star continued, “You know, the name of the album is actually inspired by the name of my smoothie blender. It’s a Magic Bullet. It was originally a gift, because I don’t have a lot of time in the morning and it’s convenient, but it’s more than just a smoothie maker now. It’s changed my life and my art. I just wanted to convey that in my album.

In fact, the second single we have planned is one about juice cleansing with smoothies from my Magic Bullet. Smoothies from Booster Juice just aren’t the same, you know? The company just doesn’t understand the artistry. It isn’t just a food. It’s an experience. A way of life. Art in its truest form.

There’s a lot of raw emotion in this album, I think. Just like the raw vegetables I try to sneak onto Lou’s plate. It’s a work in progress. Getting Lou to eat raw vegetables, I mean. Not the album. The album is done, I promise!” 

Tomlinson eating a hamburger in the middle of a concert that a fan threw on stage

The star has received a huge outpouring of support for his solo efforts from fans, industry names, and his loved ones alike, but Styles reveals it doesn’t extend to all corners of his life. 

“I’m in the process of trying to transition Lou and I into an all-raw vegan diet, but he isn’t interested, even when I’ve explained to him the benefits. He just says ‘Sure, love,’ and meets up with the boys to go get some MacDonald’s”.

Tomlinson and his recent collaboration partner Aoki playing a game of collab goals

Louis Tomlinson (25), Styles’ long-term partner of seven years is well known for his disdain of new-age healthy eating trends. Even his love and respect for his friend Steve Aoki (39) didn’t stop Tomlinson from expressing his distaste towards Aoki’s answer of “cold pressed green juices” as his favourite snack.

Styles added, “I’m really grateful for Steve. I think he could be a good influence on Louis’ eating habits. I just wish Lou would let him. I’m beginning to think Lou might be a lost cause. Every time I tell him he needs more green in his life, he just says I’m all the green he needs.

It’s really romantic, but I see him eat his Spaghetti-Os on toast while I’m eating my garden salad and I worry about his cholesterol, or that he might develop diabetes.”

Styles on the Breakfast Show on BBC’s Radio 1

So what can fans look forward to in the future from soloist Harry Styles?

“I can’t say much, but fans should keep an eye out for a companion book for the album. It’s just being finalized now. Let’s just say the book involves step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures, all of which I took. And food. Lots of food. I’ve been getting Lou to test out the instructions in the book to see if they’re easy enough to follow. I’m excited. I really wish I could tell you more but…

Okay. It’s a recipe book. It’s a recipe book with recipes I was thinking about when I was writing and recording the album. It’s vegan and gluten-free, and I hope everybody loves the recipes. I’ll be keeping an eye on social media to see how people make out with the dishes! So I hope the fans watch out for that in the near future!”

Needless to say the star’s solo debut will be massive, so stick around with the AAS for the next big story!

(Massive thanks to everybody in the AAS gc because, as usual, I couldn’t do this without y’all and this goes out to all of you lovely wonderful people. Credits to @organicstunts for nabbing me the pictures and to any of you guys whose quotes I put into the article. Enjoy! 😘❤️)


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RIME was founded in 1865 by Naoki Maruyama, who arrived in California in 1851 at the age of 19, a wizard fresh from his education at Mahoutokoro who heard there was money to be made in the California Gold Rush and figured he would be at least as good at digging it out of the hills as the muggles. Naoki fell in love with the rugged attitude of the newly blossoming San Francisco, with its hard-drinking miners and simple food, with its relentless spirit, with its fierce and often aggressive independence, with its aura of possibility.

And so Naoki settled, as most miners did, in San Francisco, but unlike most miners, he actually did make a fortune there. Naoki fared much better socially in San Francisco than most immigrants, largely due to his willingness to help other miners, to point them in the direction of large gold deposits and occasionally to be around when the rock magically seemed softer, the hike quicker, the air less chilled. Camped out in the hills, Naoki lived on black coffee, sourdough and dried beef, along with the occasional rabbit stew that could be cooked up over an open campfire, one eye on his claim.

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anonymous asked:

With Niall doing promo on the west coast, Harry east coast and Liam mid-west, all at once, it feels very coordinated. Almost like they're promoting the band itself, while also promoting their own project. It's honestly coast to coast promo for 1D.

Coast to Coast in the US with Louis in the UK filming something of great importance. They’ve got it covered!!


I’m sure it’s been said before but the thing that kills me the most about the ‘listen to what she listens to’ video is how Harry poses for the photo without a second thought. Like it’s a regular thing for them to do because of course it would be.

How many silly photos does Nick have on his phone of Harry and vice versa? Photos of them driving around London while Nick tries to educate Harry on east vs west coast rap, and Harry isn’t really getting it but he could listen to Nick talk about music all day so he snaps a few shots of him mid-sentence to capture the moment.

Or lounging on Nick’s sofa paying more attention to one another than The Simpsons playing in the background. Harry was laying weird so when he sits up to get some water his hair is sticking up in a million directions from static. Nick makes him pose for 10 different shots at different angles to get as much mockery out of it as possible. Harry is making a grumpy face but Nick can see the barely contained smirk peaking out. 

Or shopping at an overpriced, artsy antiques store and taking turns posing with a kitschy floor lamp they spot in the back corner.

How many candids do Aimee or Daisy or Pixie have of the two of them acting like complete idiots together on a night out, their bodies half blurred from movement as they laugh together? 

I can. only. imagine. 😭

I literally just claimed I don’t care about this, but if we’re going to talk Harry Potter there’s also def a east / west coast wizarding rivalry w/ traditional eastern schools vs entrepreneuring younger western schools. I guarantee there’s a fucked up wizarding Silicon Valley like please. Where’s the speculative wizarding technology adventure startup bubble. If ya think that dynamic doesn’t exist

elprimopatroclo  asked:

Hi there! I'm new to reading comics and all that, and I really wanted to star reading about hawkeye (clint and also kate) but I don't know there to start, do you have any links to past posts or to someone explain it? sorry for my english (second language), thanks :)

I have a recommended reading list, but it’s woefully out of date. There’s also my recommended reading tag, which can be more specific. But for ease’s sake here’s a quick rundown of stories/links to get you started– 

For modern Hawkeye stories, I’d recommend the following:

  • All New Hawkeye by Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez (Digitally on Comixology: 1)
  • Hawkeye Volume 4 by Matt Fraction and David Aja, et al (In trade on Amazon: 1, 2, 3, 4 | Digitally on Comixology: 1)
  • New Avengers: The Reunion, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Hawkeye & Mockingbird/Black Widow: Widowmaker, and Hawkeye: Blindspot by Jim McCann and various collaborators (In trade on Amazon: 1, 2, 3, 4 | Digitally on Comixology: 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Avengers: Solo by Jen Van Meter and Roger Robinson (In trade on Amazon: 1 | Digitally on Comixology: 1)

Delving back into the classics, you can start with:

  • Hawkeye Volume 1 by Mark Gruenwald (In trade on Amazon: 1)
  • Thunderbolts Volume 1 by Kurt Busiek and various collaborators (In trade on Amazon: 1 | Digitally on Comixology: 1)
  • West Coast Avengers by Roger Stern, Ben Harris, et al (In trade on Amazon: 1, 2)

For Kate specifically:

  • Young Avengers Volume 1 by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung (Digitally on Comixology: 1)
  • Young Avengers Volume 2 by Keiron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (In trade on Amazon: 1, 2, 3 | Digitally on Comixology: 1)
  • There are other Young Avengers stories and events where Kate makes appearances, including Children’s Crusade and the Civil War and Secret Invasion specials, but I’d start with the series proper and then move on from there. 

These aren’t comprehensive lists, but they are easily accessible points to start reading. Hopefully this helps!