west coast bros

My buddy pal darling @deathswells tagged me to post my current top 10 songs so here they are! Tbh I wrote mine down because I’m lazy and it was easier for me, but you don’t have to at all!! I have it typed out also because I know I have chicken scrawl 😅

1. Crawling After You - Bass Drum of Death
2. Shivers - Against Me! [Rowland S. Howard]
3. No Roots - Alice Merton
4. West Coast Bros - Balue
5. I Got Drunk - Miya Folick
6. No Control - Brand New
7. Thrash Unreal - Against Me!
8. The Shakes - Menzingers
9. Raining - the Front Bottoms
10. Don’t Delete The Kisses - Wolf Alice

I’m tagging @tragiciann @i-ero @alienlynz @wretchedboy @hexthesystem as always, if you don’t wanna do this you don’t have to + conversely, if anyone wants a handwritten playlist like the one above hmu here or on my spam instagram @/loudmouth_baby 🖤🖤🖤

I have this scene in my head bc you know how the West Coast Brotherhood hates wastelanders

So what if Elder Maxson went to meet with the West Coast Elders and of course he brings his trusted officers like Kells, Danse, and ppl. And everyone’s sitting at dinner or having a few drinks or w/e after they get all the business done so they’re joking around and the West Coast bros assume Maxson’s on the same page as them about wastelanders (bc they agree on most things) and they start making fun of them and talking about how they’re the worst, they’re cowards, they’re weak, they’re a nuisance, etc.

And of course a good portion of Maxson’s company is made of recruited wastelanders (Danse and probably a few others) and they’re just looking uncomfortable, hurt, or pissed but not saying anything bc the East Coast needs to make a good impression on these guys. 

But Maxson notices and he’s flippin livid and lays down the Elder authority and gets them all to shut up with a word bc these are his brothers and sisters and he’ll be damned if he didn’t grow up around wasteland recruits who are every bit as good of a soldier as any BoS member. And like the West Coast command isn’t gonna say anything against him because he’s a flippin Maxson and they practically venerate his lineage

tl;dr Maxson drags the West Coast for their attitude against Wastelanders