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  • Thomas: *points to the Mr.Carson, Mrs O'Brien and Nanny West* Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, *points at Mrs.Hughes* you're cool. *points at Mr.Bates* and fuck you, I'm out.

Jim about “Downton Abbey” … :o)

fictional female characters tag

rules: list ten of your favourite fictional characters from ten different fandoms and tag ten people

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1. pam halpert from the office
2. jane eyre 
3. lucy pevensie and jill pole
4. eponine from les miserables
5. riza hawkeye from fmab
6. toph from avatar
7. eowyn from tlotr
8. elinor and marianne dashwood from sense and sensibility 
9. all the march’s from little women
10. diana from wonder woman 



No trip to Hope Valley would be complete without a stop off at the bridge. I honestly don’t know what other people call this stretch of the West Fork of the Carson River in Alpine County but I call it the bridge. In Autumn of 2016 on our way back from Mono County we were driving along 88/89 and I saw this little white bridge and made my parents pull over in the rain so I could take a photo (I posted this a few weeks back). This time on my way up to Hope Valley I just wanted to find the bridge again. Lucky for me I bought my new lens a week before the trip and I found the bridge - the result is above. And while I may have arrived a few days past peak in this specific area, it was still breathtaking. Right before sunset, crisp air, and a camera. 


So, I may not have been able to get tickets to Highclere, but I think I made up for it today. I faced the morning crowd at Victoria Station, hopped on my first British train, rented my first right hand drive car in Chichester, and drove to West Wittering Beach (the most nerve wracking and terrifying nine miles of my life), finally making the ultimate Chelsie fangirl pilgrimage to the beach where Mrs. Hughes dared Mr. Carson to live a little…and he did.

And the train went through Crawley on the way.

This post may well cause me to lose numerous people from the page and I won’t pretend that doesn’t concern me.
But I have always striven to fight the left as effectively as i can, whilst adhering to the facts.

And unfortunately too many people assume that the accusations against Richard Spencer are just more of the usual libels the left use against those they don’t like. This time their accusations are actually supported by the facts.

The facts here……..are that Richard Spencer is not a Conservative, is not a Nationalist, he is not a Patriot, he is something twisted and malign that has risen to feed upon the legitimate fear that many Americans have for the future of their country.

Richard Spencer is a devotee and admirer of the racialist policies of the Nazi Party.

His world view echoes that of Germany’s National Socialists, Blut und Boden (blood and soil) and that world view dictates that your validity as an American is based not on your love of the country.
Not on your willingness to die protecting what it stands for but whether the melanin content of your skin is sufficiently low.

Richard Spencer and his seig heiling cabal of neo-nazi wannabes believes that color is more important than character
His ideas stipulate that individuals like Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, Allen West and this unnamed soldier, are all less authentically American than his followers and himself.

I reject that just as I thoroughly repudiate any association or idea that this individual is representative of Conservatism as I understand it.

If you believe that it takes more than just skin color to be an American, If you believe that being American is a matter of the heart and soul and not just pigmentation…………..then you should reject him too.

Lake Tahoe, United States.
Lake Tahoe straddles the border between California and Nevada, west of Carson City and it is a major tourist attraction in both states. Lake Tahoe is is the largest alpine lake in North America. Its depth is 1,645 ft (501 m), making it the second deepest in the United States.
Photo by @heathmedders (Instagram)

anonymous asked:

I know you have posted things about female killers; in your opinion which has been the worst case you know that was done by a female? A crime is a crime and there is no justification but in some ways have you ever sympathized with a murderer?

I’ve always sympathised with Aileen Wuornos due to the mistreatment of somebody who was extremely mentally ill, and also because of her upbringing and the fact that she never once had somebody she could trust, or somebody to care for her in a way she so desperately needed. She’s one of the very few killers I do feel sympathy for but as you said, that does not excuse what she did. Not at all. But I do believe that she should never have been executed. Executing the mentally ill violates the eighth amendment on cruel and unusual punishment and it does not comport with contemporary standards of decency. I believe she killed her first victim, Richard Mallory, in self-defence. He was a sex offender so it does seem likely that he was attempting to rape her like she claimed. I think she reaped the benefits from this murder and just carried on killing. It’s just a sad case all around.

As for the “worst” female serial killer I would say Elizabeth Bathory was pretty brutal, although a lot of her case is shrouded in legend and myth. Female killers can be just as sadistic as male. Look at Myra Hindley, Carol Bundy, Rose West, Suzan Carson, Charlene Gallego, Karla Homolka, for example. These women used brutal methods of murder and all for their own personal pleasure as opposed to benefiting in one way or another.