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Jim about “Downton Abbey” … :o)

  • Thomas: *points to the Mr.Carson, Mrs O'Brien and Nanny West* Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, *points at Mrs.Hughes* you're cool. *points at Mr.Bates* and fuck you, I'm out.

Rest in peace, Kit Carson.  After a tumultuous (and, let’s be frank, adventurous!) life in the Wild Wild West as the ultimate Mountain Man (a reputation, earned or otherwise, greatly enhanced by his exciting and exaggerated appearance in the popular dime novels of the time), Christopher Houston Carson died on this date in 1868 at the age of 58.

Stamp details:
Top left:
Issued on: October 18, 1994
From: Laramie, WY; Tucson, AZ; Lawton, OK
SC #2869n

Top right:
Issued on: August 14, 2008
From: Majuro, Marshall Islands
SW #2328

Stamp on bottom:
Issued on: September 18, 1997
From: San Marino, San Marino
MC #1734


So, I may not have been able to get tickets to Highclere, but I think I made up for it today. I faced the morning crowd at Victoria Station, hopped on my first British train, rented my first right hand drive car in Chichester, and drove to West Wittering Beach (the most nerve wracking and terrifying nine miles of my life), finally making the ultimate Chelsie fangirl pilgrimage to the beach where Mrs. Hughes dared Mr. Carson to live a little…and he did.

And the train went through Crawley on the way.

anonymous asked:

I know you have posted things about female killers; in your opinion which has been the worst case you know that was done by a female? A crime is a crime and there is no justification but in some ways have you ever sympathized with a murderer?

I’ve always sympathised with Aileen Wuornos due to the mistreatment of somebody who was extremely mentally ill, and also because of her upbringing and the fact that she never once had somebody she could trust, or somebody to care for her in a way she so desperately needed. She’s one of the very few killers I do feel sympathy for but as you said, that does not excuse what she did. Not at all. But I do believe that she should never have been executed. Executing the mentally ill violates the eighth amendment on cruel and unusual punishment and it does not comport with contemporary standards of decency. I believe she killed her first victim, Richard Mallory, in self-defence. He was a sex offender so it does seem likely that he was attempting to rape her like she claimed. I think she reaped the benefits from this murder and just carried on killing. It’s just a sad case all around.

As for the “worst” female serial killer I would say Elizabeth Bathory was pretty brutal, although a lot of her case is shrouded in legend and myth. Female killers can be just as sadistic as male. Look at Myra Hindley, Carol Bundy, Rose West, Suzan Carson, Charlene Gallego, Karla Homolka, for example. These women used brutal methods of murder and all for their own personal pleasure as opposed to benefiting in one way or another.

Lake Tahoe, United States.
Lake Tahoe straddles the border between California and Nevada, west of Carson City and it is a major tourist attraction in both states. Lake Tahoe is is the largest alpine lake in North America. Its depth is 1,645 ft (501 m), making it the second deepest in the United States.
Photo by @heathmedders (Instagram)