west bench

Iris West is a beautiful name.
  • Iris West every day looks her Iris Best.
  • Iris West earns a well-deserved Iris Rest.
  • Iris West takes a nap in her Iris Nest.
  • Iris West is a kickass cop on Earth-2 because Iris Arrests.
  • Iris West studies hard and becomes Iris Stressed.
  • Iris West shows up for a formal dance, looking Iris Well-Dressed.
  • Iris West passes her journalism course by taking an Iris Test.
  • Iris West benches weights at the gym.  Iris Pressed.
  • Iris West spills a bag of flour and creates an Iris Mess.
  • Iris West subtracts four cookies from the jar.  Iris Less.
  • Iris West helps stop a crime under Iris Duress.
  • Iris West finds a twenty-dollar-bill. #Iris Blessed.
  • Iris West celebrates her birthday with an Iris Fest.
  • Iris West solves a mystery by going on an Iris Quest.
  • Iris West settles in her apartment with her new Iris Address.
  • Iris West uses Barry as a pillow.  Iris Headrest.

Competed in my First Powerlifting Meet yesterday. Went 8/9, missed my second squat attempt due to racking the bar before the rack command. Overall I had a pretty good day. Finished first in the Junior 220 lbs weight class.

Squat- 225 kg (496.04 lbs)
Bench Press- 175 kg (385.8 lbs)
Deadlift- 310 kg (683.43 lbs)
Total- 710 kg (1565.27 lbs)
Bodyweight- 93.18 kg (205 lbs)
Coefficient- 446 Wilks

caseymeeks  asked:

Where is your favorite place in NY to go alone?

New York City is powerfully potent when you are alone. It can do wonders or destroy you. It is a city that wields the energy. I find the energy takes a variety of forms, and so I seek these** different places depending on what my lone-self needs:

When I need calm, I go to the East River benches at 20th and look at the water.

When I need comfort, I go to Washington Square Park and sit on the South West benches facing the fountain and watch people walk through the park (reminds me of college).

When I need inspiration, I go to Union Square (in the summer) and watch all of the social groups interact and try to follow their plot-lines.

When I need perspective, I stand on the top floor of the Astoria Park pool overlook.

When I need a movie, I go on the “movie walk” which is a walking loop I’ve created that takes me past all of the best theaters in the city and I just pick a movie and a time on the marquee and get a ticket (no pre-planning allowed).

When I need distraction, I go to Reciprocal Skate Shop and play pinball for a long time.

When I need to process, I walk from Battery Park to Central Park and usually talk to my mom (or dad) on the phone at some point en route.

When I need to escape, I leave my phone at home and practice my jump shot at the basketball courts beneath the RFK bridge. Not the courts next the the playground, the ones further East (that are sometimes locked). I prefer the North West hoop because it’s the closes to being the right height and it’s rim isn’t bent.

**I have kept classified the spots that are too special to divulge.