west 35

The best 35 rappers in the world

1. Kanye West
2. Yeezy
3. Yeezus
4. Louis Vuittion Don
5. Donda West’s son
6. Amber Rose’s ex before Wiz
7. Kim Kardashian’s husband
8. North West’s father
9. The other guy who made Watch The Throne with Jay Z
10. Ray West’s son
11. The guy who reworked Lorde’s
12. The guy who interrupted Taylor Swift in 2009
13. The rapper who said Bush doesn’t care about black people
14. Khloe Kardashian’s brother-in-law
15. Bruce Jenner’s stepson-in-law
16. Kourtney Kardashian’s brother-in-law
17. Rob Kardashian’s brother-in-law
18. Brandon Jenner’s stepbrother-in-law
19. Brody Jenner’s stepbrother-in-law
20. Kendall Jenner’s stepbrother-in-law
21. Kylie Jenner’s stepbrother-in-law
22. The dude who produced 5 songs from Jay Z’s The Blueprint
23. The rapper who told Sway his clothing line ain’t Ralph
24. The guy who voiced Kenny West on American Dad
25. The guy who wanted Beyoncé to win Best Female Video of the Year in 2009
26. The rapper who almost died in a car crash
27. The rapper who produced a song while his mouth was wired shut
28. The rapper who won 21 Grammys
29. Director of the Runaway film
30. G.O.O.D Music’s CEO
31. The rapper who designed with Nike & Adidas
32. The rapper who made a song with Coldplay’s Chris Martin
33. The rapper who made a song with Sir Paul McCartney
34. The Mozart/Henry Ford/Walt Disney/Shakespeare/Beethoven/ of rap
35. The rapper who made fun of Jimmy Kimmel