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things tyler talked about in his livestream

(requested - genuinely sorry this is so long I’m terrible at condensing) 

- he started off by talking about where you can donate/buy merch for the joyful heart foundation, and also how you can donate to help those affected by hurricane harvey. afterwards summarised what the JHF does and how the team aren’t doing a charity stream because they feel they’re not the right people to address the issue, but emphasised that it is a big deal and means a lot to them, and they want to support it as much as any other charity.

- he will be around in seattle for pax west (from aug 31st) to hopefully meet up with some fans as well as hanging out with his friends

- there are a number of things he’s been working on which he wishes he could announce, including the shoot last week: “it’s coming and it’s going to be so much fun and i hope you guys love it just as much as we loved filming it.” they were at the location for 5/6 days, and it was so much fun to have everyone’s creative effort come together

- someone brought up ethan’s 5 years on youtube posters, and tyler talked about how hardworking ethan is: “ethan is one of the most dedicated guys that I have the privilege to know and it’s really exciting to see his youtube channel take off, the community he’s built”

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Request:  Hi! So First things first: I’m in love with your writing. Lol! Like for real, your writing is just so emotional for me and I just love the way you write❤️ So thank you for writing so many great oneshots~ Secondly, (if requests are still open) can you write a oneshot (or hcs) where the reader has emetophobia and has the batfam take care of them?? I’m currently sick in bed and I have that fear so I kinda feel like death UGHH but anyways yeah lol If you can do this then thank you so much! :)

Pairing:   Batfam x reader

Summary: Emetophobia:  a phobia that causes overwhelming, intense anxiety pertaining to vomiting.  

Words Count: 902

Genre: Fluff, kinda gross if you’re too squeamish about vomit

Notes: Thank you so much for the kind words! Sorry you’re feeling sick, I hope you feel better soon:( Requests are ALWAYS open! I’m always looking forwards to new requests or just nice little notes, I love the interaction!

sorry if this is a litle short, I have this as well and so i got a little queasy writing this!

“(Y/N), please stop being so over dramatic, it’s only a bodily function.” Damian says apathetically from above you’re hunched over figure.

You sat below him dry heaving. You and him had just finished stopping some criminals when Damian kicked one of them in the stomach and the man emptied his stomach contents all over the cold concrete. To a normal person, you would only walk away disgusted but it just so happened that you had emetophobia. Even just the sound of someone doing..that, you got sick yourself. You two had managed to get to about two alleyways away before it really kicked in and you were crippled by sickness.

“Damian, I swear to god if you say that one more time-” You were planning on finishing your threat but a sudden wave of nausea crashed on you and a gag stopped your words.

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Special day incoming

It’s probably pretty obvious I’m low on motivation for this blog (it takes longer to get art to post than you’d expect), BUT the 30th/31st is very important as it’s Hatsune Miku’s 10th anniversary. Miku’s anniversary is the 31st of August, but keep in mind for most of you in the west, the 31st in Japan will be the 30th for you, so any announcements will be then.

I’ve made sure I have some stuff to post here, and my own art will be going up in the @mikumikucollab. Make sure you follow that blog because they do this every year and it’s going to be amazing.

And that’s about it. Look forward to all of that and make sure you celebrate in your own way. Miku’s birthday honestly means more to me than my own lmao

EDIT: Oh, and for anyone already following the MikuMiku Collab, they recently also made a twitter: https://twitter.com/mikumikucollab

well hey, look at what today is! I’m trans, and not very visible. Let’s change that.

Coming to terms with being nonbinary has made me more comfortable with myself over the last 4 years than anything else in my life. It’s not something I’m great at telling people, especially with any kind of cool, so uh… I’m trying to work on that. This is a start. Thanks to everyone who’s been supportive so far.

they/them preferred