They should’ve ended up together...

Elena looked at Stefan at his most vulnerable state, and she didn’t turn away. She was fascinated, loving him fully.

They both loved each other “so much” from their first night together, to the day she had to say goodbye. I love you wasn’t enough, they had to make sure it was clear how much they loved one another.

Elena fell for him instantly, no hesitation, Elena fell in love with every part and every side of Stefan. No matter what she felt towards Damon, it was always going to be Stefan.

With everything that happened, even with all the heartache Stefan would go back to Elena in a second without any question. 

When they kissed, it was full of passion and love - the kind of kisses where it would ignite a fire in your body 

Elena never gave up on Stefan. When he was the worst version of himself, she stood by him because she wouldn’t accept the fact that he would forever be a “ripper.” Elena pushed him, she fought for him, she did not give up on him. She did this all because she knew that he would never give up on her. 

Stefan was Elena’s comfort. Whenever she’d hug him it was like she could finally breathe again, a relief came over her and she felt safe, because she was home. 

Stefan changed everything for Elena.

They were supposed to have a future together. He knew her better than anyone else, and she knew him better than any person ever could. They were soulmates & there is no denying that. 

Paul was interviewed in early 2015, and was asked about Stelena. 

I think this is important to keep in mind for those of us who are still clinging onto Stefan and Elena being endgame. I am not in anyway saying that they will end up together, however, how could their love be written so magically and so meticulously just for it to be destroyed? TVD has gone in directions that weren’t expected, so maybe it will work out in our favor.

Anything is a possibility so i think we should all keep an open mind.

ALSO - later on in this interview Paul said that if it was up to him Elena would become human, and he and damon would come to an end ( they’d die ). Paul has directed episodes before, so who knows if he’ll have any say in the ending of the show.

Paul also made it clear that its all about what the viewers want - so as strong stelena supporters i think it’s important to not give up, to keep trending tags on twitter and to continue reaching out in anyway possible.

Stefan and Elena have a love that will never die, so let’s fight for it.