— { Meet me on your best behavior 
                                          Meet me at your worst 
                                                For there will be no stone unturned 
                                                                               Or bubble left to burst. }


started following you

— Ariadne was in the mood to take a walk in a park, not so far from her house. Grabbing everything she needed, besides the keys and her leather jacket she brought a book, she went out and started walking along the street to reach for the right destination. Once she got inside, she tried to find a free bench. Taking a seat, she pulled out the book from her purse and began to read few lines from it.

wesley-cooper came to visit

A small book was currently in the palm of the blonde’s hands. Her eyes grazed the tattered pages as she walked along the cobblestone pathway. Not noting where she had walk, Rose had bumped into another person. Looking up, she quickly apologize. “I am so sorry about that.” A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. “Always the clumsy one.”