Agnostic Icons is a continuous series celebrating wonder, curiosity & kindness.  Using the visual lexicon of Christian icons and patterns derived from Mediaeval manuscripts, I am attempting to create a series of pieces that celebrate humanism, science, and altruism. Subjects range from fictional pop culture, the fields of science, humanities, environmental & social justice, and the arts. The first in this series are (unofficial parody) icons from Star Trek: The Next Generation (truly the most altruistic show that’s ever been on television in my opinion). Coming soon: Mr. Rogers, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Jane Goodall.”  


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful rendition of Gates McFadden. She looks like a Mucha, here. And LeVar Burton! And Mr. Frakes, in all his bearded magnificence?! Hello, SAILOR. And baby WIL! OMG. The texture and detail! All those dark, pooling, inky washes? Those are greyscale galaxies that she’s folded into her linework. GAH! 

Prints and postcards of all of these portraits are available in her shop

They make me so happy. I hope they sell like flippin’ HOTCAKES.

(PS: K’s music is amazing, too.) 


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“I think we as fans, audience…those that looked on—we thought we had some say in it. We really didn’t have any say in their love affair. The say we have is of ourselves and our capacity to love, to love ourselves, to love one another and to just spread more love and joy in this world,” Bassett said. “But we really thought we had a say in their love affair…I think it’s a magnificent journey and I hope it will be a reflection into our own lives.”

Bassett said the factors that all people deal with: timing, life choices, “knowing someone’s heart and past” all applied to Whitney and Bobby too. “Some you can handle and some you cannot. Some you have to work on more deeply, but it all starts with loving ourselves and that’s who you bring to any relationship and hopefully it’s the best you that you bring,” she said. “I hope that it’s a jumping off of some sort of contemplation or even conversation.” (source)

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The Daily Beast: After all that excitement you were just talking about—wanting to be a part of the movie and the faith you had in Angela Bassett—was it disheartening when Cissy Houston and the family spoke out against the movie?

Yolanda Ross: No. I mean, they’ve been saying negative stuff kind of since forever about one thing or another. Everybody’s got their opinions on something. I think it’s unrealistic to think that a movie wasn’t going to be made about Whitney. I mean, it’s Whitney Houston. What I would be thankful for is knowing that it’s going to be done the right way, and not just any old body putting up a Whitney Houston movie. So a lot of care was taken with it, with the story and the performances. I don’t think it’s anything that people will down upon. We were really respectful in everything that I did. (source)