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yo do you have any book recs that have black main characters and/or race as a primary theme? Also do you have any recs for good stand alones? You're recs are the BEST but if you have neither of those don't worry about it! :)

okay 98% of this list came from charlotte ( @josiealibrandis ) so s/o to her

i haven’t read a lot of this list but charlotte vouches for them and i trust her with all book related things (* = the ones i have read)

young adult:

  • passenger by alexandra bracken*
  • new boy by julian houston
  • all american boys by jason reynolds and brendan kiely
  • most likely to succeed by jennifer echols
  • the darkest part of the forest by holly black*
  • starbound trilogy by amie kaufman and meagan spooner (second book focuses on a half black-half chinese mc)*
  • lies we tell ourselves by robin talley
  • the summer prince by alaya dawn johnson
  • mare’s war by tanita s. davis


  • wesley peterson series by kate ellis
  • the pack by paul louise julie
  • nnedi okorafor’s books
  • chimamandi ngozi adiche’s books
  • sorcerer to the crown by zen cho
  • the hundred thousand kingdoms by n.k. jemisen
  • things fall apart by chinua achebe
  • black mamba boy by nadifa mohamed
  • in the sea by fabio geda
  • measuring time by helon habila

graphic novels:

  • a hero at the end of the world by erin claiborne
  • young avengers
  • bright lights, dark nights by stephen emond

there was more but i’m tired you should hit charlotte up for more recs


  • the lost & found by katrina leno (i just finished this and i loved it so much!!)
  • the miseducation of cameron post by emily m. danforth
  • just visiting by dahlia adler
  • outrun the moon by stacey lee
  • girl against the universe by paula stokes
  • places no one knows by brenna yovanoff
  • the square root of summer by harriet reuter hapgood
  • morgan matson’s books
  • kasie west’s books
  • if he had been with me by laura nowlin
  • the distance from a to z by natalie blitt

this is so long sorry :///


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