shoutout to asexual trans boys who don’t feel like they belong in the LGBT+ community because of TERFs and exclusionists !!

no matter what they say, you are 1000% valid in your gender and your orientation and you are 1000% welcome in the LGBT+ community !!

you are deserving of so much love, respect, and support and i hope you know how wonderful and how loved you are !! 

Me if he was my doctor 💗


stefan & elena || many shades of epic {8x16}

I’ve been building up to this vid since the finale, after reading the interview about how entwined the TVD sentiment of “epic” is with SE relationship. I wanted to make a video that shows the many different ways SE were epic as well as include every mention of the word epic in relation to their love.

I’m excited about it so I’m tagging people: @stefan4president @humbu-bumbu @kissmebluesexyvioletsme @stefan-is-too-sexy-for-you @fiftyshadesofstelena @true-slytherin @tea-moonn @beverllarke @multigloria @starrystelena @stelenaliveson @emjo029 @demetrias-stelena @stelena-lover-forever @annoyinglydecadentface @denisa-diana @salvabert

gosh, questioning grey aceflux people are wonderful and lovely and good !!

things might be confusing but remember that no matter how you identify, you are still amazing and loved !!

i’m so proud of you for working to better understand your identity and experiences !!

you are deserving of endless love, respect, and support !!

i hope you find the words you are looking for that make you feel comfortable and at home in your identity !! 

and that every single questioning grey aceflux person has a wonderful day !!