wesley wu

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seriously? humans can be disgusting sometimes

Todd Ramos-grey/black hoodie
Ray Long-white boy no mask.
wesley wu who deleted his facebook – grey hoodie, the main dude that kept hitting him
Easley Wu-little junior here, the big puffy jacket with fur hood/blue striped adias pants
johnny li-blue hoodie/blue snap back on,
danny hui-dressed all black/northface jacket/black shoes

people make me sick

watching that video of those 7 guys beating up the one Asian kid, who could barely speak english, honestly almost made me throw up. it makes me sick to my stomach that people could be THAT mean to each other, and feel no sort of guilt. i mean, come on, SEVEN OF THEM, kicking at his face and throwing him on the ground. completely unnecessary. i dont care what anyone does, no one deserves that. 

i wasnt going to watch the video, because its embarrassing for that guy that got beat up, but i had to. there was so much fuss going on about it, i needed to see for myself.you’d think by this day in age, we’d be past stuff like this. i thought everyone knew that its not right to treat people like that. how would Wesley Wu, Easly Wu, Raymond Wu, Todd Ramos, Johnny Li, and Danny Hui  like it if that happened to someone in their family. im pretty sure they would not stand for that, and they would want to go kill the people who did it. so WHYYYY would they think it would be “okay” or “fun” to do that to that guy? why him? ugh. i could go on and write pages upon pages about this topic, but i wont. i just really dont understand how people, as evolved as we are, still act like cavemen. 

its not right. it never was, and it never will be. the end.