wesley was right


A remake of the original 2002 Red Dragon trailer (this is the one I used for reference btw https://youtu.be/VQvuC7_qgTE) using clips from NBC’s Hannibal (a.k.a. it’s a lot gayer)

“Queen Sugar” just had one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard on Social Injustice

This needs to be heard by everyone. Reblog forever. This show deserves ALL THE EMMYS…

Melissa: Nova, our conversation today is going to focus on the idea of the journalists as activists. And looking at your body of work, of which I’m a big fan, you’ve covered everything from police corruption in low income communities to the problem of the American migrant workforce. When you think of your role as a journalist do you feel a sense of responsibility to take an advocacy position in your work?

Nova: I absolutely do. I worked hard to get to a place where I can choose the stories I want to cover, and it’s important for me to reflect humanity in my work, so there’s definitely an advocacy component in everything that I write. I think it’s critical that you use your platform, whatever that is…blogs, twitter, social media, whatever…to empower as well as educate.

Melissa: Let’s talk about a piece you wrote earlier this year on the “for-profit” prison complex and over-policing. I understand that you were able to help the young man featured in that story. His name is Too Sweet.

Nova: Yes, that’s correct. He’s been released on bail, but we still have a huge uphill battle to get his charges dropped. The Public Defender’s Office in Louisiana is woefully underfunded, yet they are sure happy to keep the bail money coming in. It could be years before Too Sweet gets a trial.

Melissa: But I just want to reiterate, his charges are quite serious. I mean “intent to distribute”, “assault on an officer”. Those are pretty serious charges.

Nova: Serious charges if they were true. Now, regardless, no minor should be held in an adult prison. They are not equipped to handle the emotional and psychological trauma of prison culture.

Melissa: That’s a good point. That’s a form of PTSD that we rarely talk about.

Nova: Yeah.

Melissa: Now, I know that you’re not publicly affiliated with the Black Lives Matter network or movement, but BLM has really changed the way that civil rights and social justice are articulated and the way they’re executed in this country. But now with one tweet you can move the needle. So as a journalist, give me your thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole.

Nova: The BLM energy was formally birthed in response to the 2012 acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer. And there have been chapters around the world that respond to incidents of anti-blackness and state sanctioned violence against black people. The movement is for people who are interested in the liberation of black lives.

Melissa: And yet, there’s serious criticism of BLM. What do you make of those critiques, especially of their relationship with Law Enforcement? 

Nova: The one criticism that frustrates me the most is this idea that there is a need for a leader, which is this coded language for meaning that there is no “straight male leader” at the helm. But truth is, civil rights work has been organized by communities of women, queer, and gender non-conforming people of color. Secondly, there’s this misconception that anything “pro-black” means “anti-white”. It doesn’t. Anybody who wants to fight for equity and justice should feel empowered to do so. I mean, reality is…law enforcement in this country is built on anti-black racism. As a community we need to interrogate our relationship with police. It’s critical for our survival. We deserve to be served and protected, and I want to work hand in hand with the brave men and women who agree with that on the force. Because they do exist. I know that for a fact.

-“I think it’s critical that you use your platform, whatever that is…blogs, twitter, social media, whatever…to empower as well as educate.”

Empower. Educate. Pass this along. Don’t let it die. The only way to fix what’s broken is to talk about it.

please look at this absurd wesley promo picture

why is he in the bowling alley?? why is he standing on a bowling ball?? why is he scowling so much when he’s in a place designated for fun?? we just don’t know

You could have Damon Salvatore reading the phone book and people would probably still tune in’ - Julie ‘forever sucking Ians’ dick’ Plec

So basically:

  • Fuck Nina Dobrev
  • Fuck Paul Wesley
  • Fuck Candice Accola
  • Fuck Kat Graham
  • Fuck actually writing a storyline (Julie Plec is REAL good at that)
  • Fuck character development


if i were to categorize all of the trek series in different theatrical genres/companies, TOS would be a highly varied short form small town community theatre, TNG would be a world-class childrens’ shakespeare company, DS9 would be a musical theatre company with some select and bitter rivalries, VOY would be experimental surrealist black box stuff permanently on the edge, and ENT would be a very friendly traveling reenactment troupe with maybe a little too much concern for accuracy


I love you, Stefan. Y o u.

Can I just say how much I love Wesley right now?

I mean seriously - I love this route. I’m not far along in it yet, but it is absolutely light years away from how the first couple of routes started out. I’ve played all but Leonardo’s at this point. Wesley’s route is what I was expecting when Oz’s route arrived, but Oz turned out to be weird too (I dunno, his route was boring and he never seemed to click for me).

But dang. Wesley’s is good. He’s confident without being a jerk to Dorothy, seems to care for her well-being, & for the first time in any of this game’s routes, believably behaves like he is actually attracted to her - romantically & sexually.

Crowlie seemed more in love with the idea of Dorothy than Dorothy herself, likening her to an angel and all this romantic notion stuff, but he never really seemed to be very open to Dorothy in his route (apart from the Our Secret Lesson - woah, I was not expecting stuff that hot from him). Heartmann was similar, but much, much whinier/more insecure. A good portion of the story, he’s completely cut off from her emotionally thanks to Norton’s shenanigans.

I mean, those sort of work with their characters - Crowlie’s seems more like he learned about love from books in the actual way he goes about relationships, because he really does learn all of this stuff from books, but it doesn’t make for a very satisfying story. He seemed very immature for his role as King of Oz, especially as he’s been at this job for some years now - I would have expected that to get him up to speed a lot quicker, but instead he’s still very teenager-y about a lot of things.

Heartmann just plain didn’t grow about relationships at all. I remember being frequently annoyed by him in his route, thought it’s been a while now since I played it. I’m still plain annoyed by all three of them – all Heartmann, Crowlie, and Leonardo ever seem to do is bog down the story with whole tickets’ worth of arguing over who should/shouldn’t be Dorothy’s boyfriend. Who ate someone else’s food (it’s either Toto Jr. or Leo, spoiler alert). Yada yada yada. I completely zoned out for Oz’s route as they went for Oz & Wesley arguing instead. Just hit the fast forward till something changes, please.

But so far, the whinging has been minimal compared to earlier routes: it seems like people acquiesced to Dorothy’s choice quicker & with less fuss than previously - which is ironic, since they should be arguing more here, as she chose the Wicked Wizard of the West this time - and the banquet seemed to go over a lot speedier (and may I say YES on that dress? I seriously disliked the Quadlings dress for the first four routes).

I like Wesley’s lines. I like Wesley’s cute little Chibi. I like how he interacts with Dorothy. I loved the cute little scene where she promises to say “Good Night” to him every night until her birthday. I love how he jumps right in and plays with her hair and shows that he wants to kiss her. I love how Dorothy in return shows real interest in him, wanting to know what his eye under the patch looks like and wanting to be a friend to him - not out of a seeming debt that she melted him last time round, but because she realises how lonely this guy has been. I’m really liking him right now.

Though am I the only one who thought of Lay when he does the whole blow in her ear thing?