wesley warren jr

Why Wesley Warren Jr. Turned Down The Surgery To Remove His 100 lb. Scrotum


Wesley Warren Jr. didn’t turn the surgery from the “Dr. Oz Show” down to continue his fame due to his 100 lb. growth in his scrotum. He turned it down because of the risks during surgery and because the show wanted exclusive rights to an interview. 

No one would want to live like him, including himself he has been known to be said. But who wants to feel like a circus freak just for the sake of ratings. 

Since being introduced to the nation in 2009, Warren has set up an account to raise money for his own surgery. 

Personally, if it was me, I’d take the damn surgery and give them a funky interview.  Who would want to walk around 100 lbs overweight due to a body part that you can’t even stroke to get pleasure out of?