wesley tho

Lmao, okay, so i know that The Princess Bride is a p popular AU to do, and i think there is already one for voltron floating around somewhere, but i wanted to put my own thought in.


  • Lance as Buttercup and Keith as Wesley - tbh Buttercups personality at the begining of the film seems to fit lance p well, although I dont imagine Keith would be quite as placid abt it as wesley. Pining!Keith tho.
  • Instead of Keith going off to seek his fortune so he can marry lance, he’s heard some information pointing him in the direction of his mother, and Lance tells him to go for it.
  • Lance gets the news that the Dread Pirate Kolvian on the ship Marmoa has attacked the ship Keith was on, etc etc.
  • After five years, Prince Lotor of the Galran Kingdom has heard of Lance’s beauty, and tries to get Lance to agree to marry him. It takes a lot of manipulation on his part, but eventually Lance agrees, though he makes it clear it isn’t because he truly loves Lotor.
  • Pidge is Inigo (’You killed my father, prepare to die’) and Hunk is Fezzik. I’m thinking Iverson as vizzini, bc then you have the dislike of his character, but he leaves soon 
  • it goes pretty much the same way as in the movie. Haggar is Count Regan, Random druid no.1 as The Albino
  • Shiro is Miracle Max and Alura is Valerie (but less bickery) I just think it’d be funny that ‘Humiliating Prince Lotor’ is the worthy cause for the miracle
  • Fuckin Coran as the Clergy man.

Thats all ive got but i just thought of it and was like: ‘That is a good idea’

Preference: When you go into labor

Matt: He’s impatient, and quiet most of the time because he’s listening to hear if anything’s wrong. When it gets rough he’ll stroke your hair and say things like “You’re so beautiful right now.” or “I’m so glad you’re the mother of my child.” When the baby comes, Matt cries. Just a few tears slip out at first, but when he has your baby in his hands for the first time, he sobs a couple of times with the biggest smile on his face. You laugh at him for being such a dork, and that makes him laugh-cry harder. Karen and Foggy visit you in the hospital- with a couple of stuffed bears and bunnies as well as balloons- they end up being your child’s godparents!

James: For once in his life, James does not have control over the situation, and he hates it. Wesley doesn’t exactly panic, but he keeps asking the doctors if everything is alright every two minutes. It’s funny the way he holds your hand too tight as if he’s the one having contractions, or at least it would be if you weren’t in pain. When you finally have the baby, he can’t stop grinning, and he even waits ten minutes calls up Fisk to tell him everything’s okay. (Now that’s what I call Romance.) When you go home, he has a huge ass nursery connected to your room filled to the brim with stuffed animals. He tries to hire a nanny but you tell him to fuck off, because you can take care of your own kid.

Vladimir: You thought you would be loud when it came time but that had nothing on Vladimir. He was shoving people out of the way, yelling, and calling Anatoly every five minutes- ”Tolya, Toyla, I think maybe he comes now- no, no, wait, shithead doctor changed his mind-” The doctor is visibly pissed off and tries to stay away from your room right up until the very last minute. Finally, finally Vladimir is quiet when he hears the first few cries of your baby and stands wordlessly by your side until he asks to hold him or her, and you think he’s going to cry but then he gets the worst shit-eating grin on his face you’ve ever seen. Oh my god, you think, This man is going to teach my child to kill.


another meme i won’t finish — eight romantic relationships:

Stefan and Elena: “I met a girl. We talked, it was epic. But then the sun came up and reality set in… Well, this is reality. Right here.”

ok lemme break ish down

With my “alright look” post a lot of you are saying, “Yeah well, she has chemistry with everyone” which I don’t deny, Kat is personable and funny and charismatic and you see her professional chemistry with all the men on the show because she got people shipping Kennett with just one really intense stare, I won’t lie I shipped Monnie for a minute because of a few intense stares they shared in season 3 when she saved his life. But what I’m talking about is how Paul and Ian act when Kat is around, how they act with/toward her and with/toward each other.

Like this video.

You can say I’m reading into shit, maybe I am but it’s fun so whatever, but I think it’s kinda funny that at 1:01 Paul puts his arm around Kat’s chair talmbout “I can’t imagine you guys being romantic” and Ian responds by putting his arm on Kat’s chair too and then they both have the need to touch Kat in some way, which is playful yes, and again, I’m not saying anything romantic is happening but to me, it seems territorial and feels like “No I’m Kat’s favourite” “No, I’m Kat’s favourite!” But that’s just me.

I also think it’s kind of adorable that Paul constantly watches Kat and tries to anticipate her reactions/expressions while Kat always feels the need to lean over and talk to Paul while Ian is staring at Kat laughing at 12:31 in awe and of course 15:45 is the cutest especially since Ian is the one teasing her but she reaches out to tickle/punch Paul. 

So I’m just saying. CHEMISTRY.

OK Tho...

This turned out to be a full review. I write my thoughts in real time so if you have contentions and feel the need to post them read the entire post because I may have addressed your issues near the end. Spoilers. Obviously. And be warned this is pretty anti-Damon and anti-Delena.

1. I am four minutes and eleven seconds into this episode of The Vampire Diaries and Stefan tells Damon, “It’s not your fault. You’re getting a pass. Everyone understands.” And the show thinks it’s being so self-reflexive and smart by making Damon point out that their understanding is generous considering that he nearly killed everyone and stabbed “your pregnant girlfriend in the chest” as if pointing out the lack of consequences makes up for the fact that there is a lack of consequences.

2. So basically, Julian turned Mystic Falls into the set of the Fast and the Furious. OK.

3. More griping between Bonnie and Matt about Damon nearly killing them all. I like how no one has PTSD over the amount of times Damon has almost murdered them (because it’s been more than once).

4. Matt and Bonnie “matching” on match.com and then Bonnie giving Matt advice on his profile picture, like is Bonnie just giving love/sex/relationship advice to everyone now? Also Matt and Bonnie would’ve been much preferable to Bonenzo (at least the way I would’ve written that relationship).

5. So Stefan and Caroline are on the phone while Caroline is setting up for her baby shower and Stefan is taking Damon around the new MF that Julian created (AKA Fast and the Furious: Mystic Falls Style) and Stefan isn’t going to be at the show but tells Caroline that he’ll get Alaric the baby book she made him pick out when he was drunk and then he promises her to stay in one piece and then Damon tells Stefan he’s whipped and I’m like … … if Stefan was whipped, Stefan would BE at the baby shower. Stefan would be reading up on baby books. Like Stefan is minimally engaged in Caroline’s life AT BEST.

6. I’m tired of the show acting like Stefan is completely ineffectual and Damon is the brains of the operation and that if Damon was out of the stone first, then Julian wouldn’t have taken over Mystic Falls when history has show than Damon does nothing but make a situation worse while Stefan knows how to compromise and forge alliances and create delicate peaces. Like STOP IT.

7. Since when did Damon EVER care about Mystic Falls? Him getting angry that Julian took it over makes absolutely no sense; what would make sense is Damon being mad indignant that Julian is the alpha male. Julian who is BASICALLY KLAUS.

8. I love how BOTH of Caroline’s exes are at her baby shower but Stefan isn’t.

9. I swear to God if Damon kills this black man…


11. Bonnie is fucking OOC this episode.

12. I think it’s sweet that when Stefan talks about hallucinating his hell he says the only constant was Caroline and then you see him talking to her about him having a nightmare about Damon but the way they’re navigating each other is still very friendly. If this were a couple and Stefan woke up from a nightmare as intense as the one he had was supposed to be, Caroline should be sitting next to him, touching his forehead, stroking his hair, when he goes to get a drink she should be at his back, her arms around him, like physicality is a big part of being in a relationship and they don’t act like they’re in love romantically, they act like they’re the best of friends.

13. It really fucking bothers me that Stefan’s pain is all about Damon.

14. Like even when Stefan throws a glass at the wall thinking Damon’s there and Caroline is yelling “Enough! It’s not real!” if this is the “madly in love” “better than SE” relationship the show says it is, then Caroline should be rushing to Stefan, hands on his face, “look into my eyes, it’s not real” and he should be holding on to those words.

15. And the show is really trying to push how much Stefan needs Caroline and I would honestly buy it if the actions were as passionate as his words or if his delivery was as passionate as what he’s saying. Damon’s ghost is tormenting Stefan so he tries to burn Damon’s actual body and Caroline is there like “you love your brother and I know you’d rather die than let him go” but everything is so calm and so muted, Stefan’s mental disintegration is very quiet and very monotone, Caroline doesn’t even look very concerned about his psychological fracture, like if Stefan was going crazy, MAKE HIM GO CRAZY and if Caroline was the only thing keeping him together, show some conviction. Give me some Peeta and Katniss shit.

16. I didn’t realize I missed Tyler until I saw Tyler.

17. Damon and his “my girl” shit annoys me. Elena is more than just your girl.

18. At least Caroline finally put her hands on Stefan’s face even though that lasted like a second. Fuck. Was that so HARD?

19. I am so sick of hearing how Elena held Damon back from being a monster when he was killing Whitmores while they were together, when he killed Aaron and kidnapped Jeremy and emotionally tortured Katherine while they were in their on again and off again phases. Damon was ALWAYS Damon, the only difference is the show decided to act like he wasn’t when he was with her.

20. Yes, Stefan. Your life WOULD be better if Damon wasn’t in it.

21. Bonnie being all I’m not going to let my friends die and we’ll stop the vampire huntress so they’ll live you mean there’s never a moment when Bonnie is just TIRED? The amount of times she’s DIED for these people, there isn’t a part of her that’s like you know what, I’m taking a break? Even Buffy had her moments of I’m not doing this anymore!

22. I also don’t understand why Bonnie is so pressed about Nora or Mary-Louise whichever heretic she has this weird fixation with for absolutely no reason. I think it’s Nora. I remember the ship name being Bonora.

23. Did the police have a search warrant for Matt’s truck or nah?

24. I’m laughing because they’re playing The Album Leaf during Alaric and Caroline’s moment and when I was a hardass Steroline shipper I used the SAME song in one of my best Steroline vids and I feel some type of way.

25. I’m pissed that Stefan’s job is to make Damon feel better but when the hell has Damon done that for Stefan? When has Stefan really got to unload on Damon and Damon be the shoulder to Stefan’s vulnerability? Like I’m done with how one-sided Defan is.

26. I would be excited about Matt being a sort of antagonist in the ff if he wasn’t also saving Caroline’s life at the same time, like my Matt Donovan would be DARK.

Eh. This episode was aiight.

My faves of the gag reel: 

- Kat being disgusted by Chris’ jam-covered face
- Kat dancing
- everyone taking time to say “bless you” (Even Kai Parker breaks off his spell to say it)
- Chris dancing while summoning a semi-hurricane
- Kat and her adorable tooth addition
- Chris eating
- Paul trying to get in the mood to kick a teddy
- Paul’s high-pitched singing