wesley nixon

Eros and Psyche | Wesley & Molly

Molly was actually really glad that Wes had picked Eros and Psyche…in addition to the other ones he’d chosen. She was a huge fan of this myth, the tenuous and tragic bond the couple had, coupled with the ultimately happy ending, was one of her favorites. And Wes was one of her favorite people, so it was only fitting it go to him. Heading into the costume room, she found a simple draped white dress with a toga clasp and stepped into it, leaving her feet bare. Taking her hair down, she slid a gold armband on and took a white cloth blindfold from the shelves. In the myth, Eros had been invisible when he visited Psyche, but since Wes couldn’t exactly turn invisible, a blindfold was the next best option. Heading to the meadow room, she opened the door and stepped inside. The artificial sunshine was almost blinding, and she sat down in the middle of the room, her back to the door and the blindfold twisting in her hands. She could wait for Wes to show up to put it on. Besides, the room was way too pretty not to stare at in the meantime.


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Mirror | Wesley & Molly

Molly was in panic mode. She hadn’t been paying attention to the clock and the realization it was less than ten minutes to midnight made her want to scream. After sending out a quick text to Wes, her paranoia getting the best of her, she jumped up and took off running for the mirror room. She didn’t want to run the risk of not gaining a point, since with their conditions, they were both constantly horny, so she settled on the simplest idea she had. Once inside the ballet studio, covered in wall to wall mirrors, she bounced impatiently from foot to foot, a hundred Molly’s around her doing the same as she waited for Wes to show up so she wouldn’t have bad luck for the rest of the year.

Can't Touch This || Rachel and Wesley

She had no idea on how she was supposed to handle this. Rachel actually felt dizzy, and her stomach was tight in a way that came from pure nervousness. The pain from Mike leaving was being replaced by a feeling of anxiety, and suddenly she didn’t want to be alone anymore, she didn’t want to sit and wallow anymore. There was this feeling burning through her, as if she needed to go and do something, anything to take her mind from what she was feeling - and, mostly, find a way to handle the fact that she couldn’t see her own body at the moment.

Rachel was careful to pick out a long sleeved dress that covered everything until it hit her knees, and tights that would keep her legs from touching Wesley, even tying her hair, not knowing how it’d affect everything. Slipping in a pair of latex gloves, not having any better substitute, she sighed heavily, furrowing her brow at the fact that she couldn’t see her reflection, not even her clothes. That meant that her power spread to other things, too. Shaking her head and seeming very upset, Rachel strode off the room, not realizing she was slowly getting visible again until she pushed the door to the teenage girl room, gasping as she saw her glove covered hand on the doorknob. “What the…”

Underworld Take Two | Wesley & Molly

Heading down to the costume room after confirming what room she and Wes were meeting in, Molly dressed in the now slightly familiar Selene costume. The zippers and buckles were easier this time around, the leather a lot less hard to get into. After shrugging on the trench coat and ripping her glove open to match the way it needed to look for the scene. Rubbing on some makeup to turn her knuckles a light shade of red, she spread some lightly on her jawline and then left the room, making her way to the shed. Once inside the darkened room, she paced around, as though waiting impatiently. Well. She was. But that was hardly the point. She was supposed to be impatient because she was worried or something, not because she was horny. Sighing, she ran her non “injured” hand through her hair, waiting for the sound of the door opening that would signal Wes walking in.

Bowtie | Puck & Wesley

It was happening. It was finally happening. Puck was about to have sex with himself. Okay, it was just a blowjob but he figured this was the closest thing he was ever going to get from the real dream he possessed. It just so happened to be on his bucket list. Right under play fetch with the Dinosaurs and teabag the Queen of England. Here he was thinking he was going to have to build a clone making machine or more realistically steal someone’s plans of building a clone making machine. This was just so much easier. 

He was confidant that he had enough control over his power so he wore clothes. To go with the office theme he dressed like any other business man wood. Of course, just to be safe, he took the clothes from the costume room. He burned one of his favorite shirts, he was still sore on wearing his own clothes. A white button up tucked into gray slacks and a red tie. Why he pictured his clone self in a bowtie, he wasn’t even sure. All he knew was that he saw it in a dream once and the image just stuck. He couldn’t image it anyway else.

Puck took a seat in a cubicle room. He had leather gloves on. Not sure if they were flammable but if his hands happened to start burning up, at least the smelt of burnt leather would give a nice warning before someone got hurt. His fingers tapped against the arm of the chair as he spun around, whistling a small tune. Even though Holly said not to deny any blowjobs offer, he wouldn’t of anyways. Points were points. 

Bacon Tho // Wesley

Erik practically jumped off his bed, his mouth nearly watering as he found a shirt and pulled it on. He shoved his feet into his converse and quickly fixed his hair so it wasn’t sticking up as much before leaving the room. He hadn’t hug out with Wes in a long time, and it kind of bothered him, he had thought they were getting closer, but maybe it was just because both of them were so busy all the time. He shrugged as he neared Wes’ luxury suite and knocked on the door lightly, waiting for the other. 

Because legs || Rachel and Wes

Rachel didn’t need much justification to meet up with Wes, considering he was one of the people she couldn’t get tired of, and it was kind of hard not to have a good time with him. Adding that to her current state of frustration made a somewhat impatient Rachel, and she didn’t take long in changing into a red pleated skirt and a simple white fitted t-shirt. Brushing her hair with her fingers so it would fall in its natural waves over her shoulders, she smiled at her reflection before walking out of her room.

It was only when she was out in the halls that it occurred to her that she needed to make this Christmas related. Pursing her lips together and examining the decorations, her eyes landed on a mistletoe hanging from the ceiling, and she smiled before snatching it and going to his room. Knocking on the door and waiting for him to answer so she was certain he wouldn’t be on the bed, Rachel smiled when the door opened and stepped past him, promptly kicking her shoes off and climbing on the bed, standing on it as she hung the mistletoe above it and then smiled brightly at him, beckoning him over with a finger.