Wände bauen

Burgen spukt

Schlösser in das Projekte angenommen andere Dann ängstlich
Wallfahrten zu zusammengebrochen.

Dann zusammengebrochen zusammengebrochen
Dann Händen

Finger noch

Wesen angenommen.

Jeder Stern


Jetzt wo wir Sprich deine Sprache Tag haben, muss ich das dann doch mal posten.

“Das Bundesamt für Magische Wesen (BAfMW) mit Sitz in Bonn ist die oberste Bundesbehörde mit der Zuständigkeit für magische, mythische und fantastische Wesen. Der nette Vampir von nebenan, der Kobold in der Politik, der Bielefeld-Mythos, aber auch Unerklärliches, das fällt in die Zuständigkeit des Amtes.“ (bundesamt-magische-wesen.de)

Für Schreiber und Leser deutscher Fantasy. Aber ernsthaft mal, schaut euch die Seite an. Es gibt Artikel zu den unterschiedlichsten magischen Wesen und wie das BAfMW sie in seinen Fachreferaten unterstützt. Außerdem Bücher, die mal nicht nur nach Fantasy und vielleicht noch Urban Fantasy geordnet sind. Und die Tassen sind der Hammer. Außerdem ist das Ganze furchtbar lustig.

Auf der LBM hatten sie übrigens hinten bei der Fantasy-Insel ihren Stand.


I don’t usually make show recommendations, but I want to present NBC’s Grimm for your consideration.

Grimm is sort of like Supernatural, except peopled with adult characters who form functional relationships and openly communicate their emotions.  The general gist of it is that Nick Berkhardt is one in a family line of slightly-enhanced monster hunters called Grimm.  The episodes follow a basic cop procedural format, but have seasonal plots and character arcs in addition to an assortment of humanoid mythological creatures.  The early episodes primarily feature these creatures (”Wesen”) as bad guys, but as the show progresses it’s shown that they have the same range of personality and depth of intelligence as anyone else. 

I’m not going to lie - the show is awkward and hamfisted with presentation of character background for about half of the first season; it’s really hard to get through the beginning.  However, once it finds its footing, it’s very enjoyable and the characters are great.  Nick is the sort of character who sneaks up on you, and all of the sudden you’re totally enamored of him.  In general, the characters are well-rounded and generally likeable… and there are several characters of color and female characters in prominent roles with their own arcs and motivations.  And best of all, the show uses character death sparingly, so chances are that if you like someone, you’ll get to spend some time enjoying their character.  That’s not to say that there are no feels; there are definitely feels, but they come from more than just beloved characters dropping left and right.

The 4th season just finished up, and it had some really good plot twists and character things.

Anyway, just wanted to recommend it.  If you end up getting into it, please let me know.  I need more people to Grimm geek-out with.

Predictions for Next Season on Grimm

-the FBI lady took Josh and is forcing Trubel to work for her or else they’d do something to him. She was sent to kill Juliette all along.

-Nick has a nervous breakdown because his mother and the woman he loved are both dead, becomes slightly unstable.

-Renard angsts over the Jack the Ripper stuff (parallels the zombie Nick storyline).

-Bud actually uses his baseball bat.

-Adalind becomes a permanent part of the team.

-the Royals have a power vacuum because most of them are fucking dead, descends most of the European and North American Wesen Society into chaos.

-Wu and Bud become friends.



Requested by rideordiedauntless

“I wish Nick wasn’t a Grimm,” you said. You were laying across Monroe’s couch as he worked on a watch.

“And why do you say that?” Monroe asked, not looking up.

“Because he’s cute and I’m a Blutbad,” you replied as if it was obvious. “No way a Grimm would date a Blutbad.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Monroe replied. “I mean, he does tend to make friends with wesen. You’re okay in his book as long as you don’t kill anybody.”

“There’s a big difference between making friends and dating,” you pointed out.

A couple days later, you got a call asking you to come to Monroe’s house. You hurried over, not knowing what to expect when you get there.

You walked in, since you and Monroe are close enough that you don’t need to knock. You saw him sitting in the dining room, talking with Nick, and the two of them looked up when you walked up.

“You wanted me to come?” you asked Monroe.

“Actually, that was me,” Nick said, standing up. “There’s a police charity ball coming up, and Monroe suggested I ask you to come with.” He gave you a smile. “What do you think?”

“Wait, hold on, is this like an actual date, or friends-pretending-to-be-a-couple date?” you asked.

Nick shrugged. “Whichever you would prefer,” he replied.

“But I’m a Blutbad and you’re a Grimm. That’s like a cat and dog,” you said.

“I’m a cop and you’re not a criminal,” Nick said with a shrug. “I see no reason why we can’t date.”

“Told you,” Monroe chimed in.

“Okay, but I have no idea what to wear. You’ll have to come dress shopping with me,” you said, crossing your arms.

“Okay, fair deal,” Nick replied with a chuckle. “Want to get started now?” You nodded, and Nick walked over, putting his arm around you to walk you out of Monroe’s house.


Take aways from last night’s Grimm: S4E21 “Headache”
1. Sean Renard is Hack the Ripper, creepy old voice and all
2. Shirtless rage…ask and you shall receive #thankswriters
3. Trubel’s back! And she killed a Hundjaeger
4. Rosalee is a badass
5. Juliette is just bad (literally in bed with royals)
6. RIP Mama Grimm…it’s her head in a box


Some Things To Think About After the Finale (spoilers)

- The lady that showed up after Trubel shot Juliette is the FBI woman who came to investigate Sean’s shooting and kidnapped Trubel early in this series and wanted her to join some kind of Grimm/Wesen vigilante group. I assume this is also the woman Trubel spoke to on the phone, because it was a woman’s voice on the other end. I doubt it was Juliette and it couldn’t have been Adalind or Rosalee.

- Now the King is dead, normal laws of succession would mean that Viktor is now King. Apart from Grimm doesn’t abide by normal laws of succession, since Viktor was ‘chosen’ after Eric was assassinated, rather than just being the next in line to the throne. But Viktor is still Crown Prince, so logic would dictate it’s Viktor - unless the King left behind another Queen, in which case there is a possibility she may rule in Viktor’s place. It’s unlikely, since the spouse of a monarch rarely rules between the monarch and next in line, unless the next in line is too young to rule by themselves, in which case she would be Queen Regent. Viktor is of age and fit enough to rule by himself. Unless of course, the Queen wishes to challenge that via war, like Queen Matilda. If Grimm plays by the rules of the British monarchy. The fact that Viktor is chosen to succeed could mean that there were a lot of cousins who had a roughly equal claim and the court chose the one who offered them the steadiest/best reign. Who knows. Grimm, you hurt my head.

- Kenneth had every single one of Nick’s immediate neighbors murdered. What happens when the police find everyone bar Nick (and possibly Juliette) dead on that street? I hope this gets dealt with and not smoothed over.

- Will the Resistance let Sean know they have Diana? It’s smarter for them to not, since the Royals will assume Sean had something to do with it since the Grimm led an attack on the Royals’ rental, and will start asking questions and killing people, and Sean may well be forced to give that information up.

- On that note, will the Royals let Sean know his father is dead? (and someone took Diana?) Sean has no spy now that Sebastian is dead (we assume), so what happens now? Again, since Nick led an attack on the Royals, it’s logical to assume Sean had something to do with it, even if he didn’t. It’s also logical to assume that the Resistance is the helicopter had something to do with the Grimm. How likely is it that the Resistance AND the Grimm knew where Diana was? They will assume they were connected, even if they weren’t.


Sometime ago I wrote here that one of the things which makes Grimm stand out among all the other fantasy shows is the strong relationship between Nick and Juliette, since instead of the brooding, tragic super-hero who can fight evil but cannot maintain a steady relationship, they have given us the super-sensitive, super-caring hero who has a badass, super-intelligent girlfriend who tells him to ‘go kick some Wesen butt’.

Sadly, at this time of writing, this is no longer true. 

Yes, the final scene between Nick and Juliette was beautiful and shocking and the acting was superb, but it feels awfully wrong to end their relationship like this. They deserved better.