And now, “No One Remembers Starkid”

A parody of “No One Remembers Achmed” from Twisted. Inspired by the fact that for some reason people have forgotten about StarKid since they did their last Potter musical. Specifically that clip from Firebringer that went viral and no one recognized Lauren Lopez.

In your fandom you’re a legend
All the people know your names
On the theater stage and off you are superior

(Spoken) We know.
In the real world though we’re finding
the Potter show’s our claim to fame

And all else are considered quite inferior


(Spoken) Please.
We’ve had shows with good reviews
And videos with lots of views
But no one remembers Starkid

We brought fame to pure unknowns
Darren Criss and A.J. Holmes
But no one remembers Starkid

Say our names in these parts
And they’ll think you’re all asses
Until you mention wizards
Or Darren’s sunglasses

Darren’s sunglasses!

So to restore our repute
As a fierce fearsome brute,
There’s only one route we see
Arrange the slaughter of millions
Of innocent civilians
Then they’ll remember we

See… I didn’t change the last part because I figure they’d want to do that.

If I had the time I’d write out a full thing, but I don’t. So if anyone wants to finish it go right ahead.

“Dear Vista,

I’ve been meaning to write this note for a long time but as you know I’m not very good at expressing myself so I’ll just say this: I miss your smile. I would say I hope this note finds you well but as these things go - that won’t be the case… 
The world is a cold and lonely place without you in it, Vista. I just miss you. And since you’ve been gone, I’ve been accused of being an observer, a user, a loner, a cleaner, a failure and a fool but never a participant. No, no one’s ever accused me of that. Anyway, I decided it’s time to call it quits. The drugs no longer work. I’m coming home to see you and there ain’t nothing gonna stop me this time.”


Wilson Fisk & James Wesley + text posts

Preference: Jealousy

Matt: Matt would feel flattered about the fact that other people were flirting with you. But also he’s super possessive (though he tries to hid it) so any time you would get slightly hit on Matt would appear at your side a moment latter (“how did you even know he was flirting with me you were no where near us!”) Matt would be polite enough to the other person but would also look for any excuse to touch you so they knew they you were his and his alone.

Anatoly: Anatoly would push his way in between you and whoever it was that had the gal to flirt with you. A string of russian curse words would fly from his lips and he threatened to tear them apart limb by limb for making a move on you. You would always hold him back before he actually could hurt the person, super embarrassed and apologizing as you scolded him. Even though secretly you loved it.

Wesely: Whenever either of you were in public together wesely would never leave your side. Any person that so much as look at you they would receive a look that would kill from Wesely before he pulled you in and kissed you hard on the mouth. If someone happened to flirt on you when Wesley wasn’t with you you wouldn’t dare let him know for fear he would kill them.

Foggy: Foggy would join in with the person Flirting with you. Agreeing with everything they said only exaggerating each compliment they gave by 1000 times. Eventually the person would catch on and walk away but foggy would keep flirting until you shut him up with a kiss.

Vladimir: “was beating him unconscious really nessassary Vladimir?” “Da”

  • Paul: *teases Candice*
  • Paul: *nudges Candice*
  • Paul: *asks Candice if she likes him*
  • Paul: *says that he likes to make Candice feel uncomfortable on set*
  • Paul: *is happy that it's awkward to make out with Candice*
  • Paul: *is a proud shipper of Steroline*
  • Paul: *says steroline is the cure*
  • Paul: *shades Delena*
  • Paul: *shades Klaroline*
  • Paul: *ships stelijah*
  • Paul: *asks Candice if she loves him*
  • Paul: *worships his hair*
  • Paul: I don't know I'm getting old for this.
Imagine: Race gets jealous of how much time you spend with Kid Blink.

Sorry this took so long to get up! I got hella busy hella fast. But here it is! The others are currently works in progress so they should be up soon!!

Hope you enjoy! 

“Oh my gosh, Blink.” You say, rolling your eyes and punching your friend lightly.

He just laughed and you pushed him back, into the fountain.

It was the end of the day, and he still had 3 papers left to sell.

Night would be falling soon, as it was mid October, around 5 pm.

You helped your best friend out of the fountain, giggling, as he glared at you as he shivered.

You stood up at his side, and heard a familiar voice yelling a little bit down the street.

Smiling to yourself absent mindedly, you abandon Kid Blink as tries to brush himself off.

You’re leaning against a wall, the cool brick distracting you.

Racetrack was about 100 feet away, talking a sweet old lady into buying his last pape.

He grinned, laying the charm on thick.

“Yeah, all the way up from Mississippi!” You could hear him saying.

Definitely talking about weather.

You shook your head to yourself, and turned around, jumping when Kid Blink was suddenly there.

“Don’t scare me like that!” You shove him a little and he puts his hands up defensively.

Looking over your shoulder at Race one last time, you see catch him staring as he flips a coin from hand to hand.

He looks away and takes a few steps, quickly changing his mind and heads in your direction.

“Hey Race!” You say as he gets closer.

He nods curtly, but grins.

“How’d youse do sellin’?” He asked, lighting a cigar.

You weren’t thrilled about his habit, but you were accustomed to it.

“Sold all 75!” You say excitedly.

Race smiles and pats you on the back.

“What about you, Blink?” He asks, his entire tone changing to something a little less friendly.

Blink looks him up and down, as if sizing him up, before answering.

“I did alright. Still have three left.” He replies, cold.

The air around you became tense.

“Well,” You cut in, to break up the awkwardness. “How did you do?” You ask Race, smiling.

His standoffishness remained.

“Just sold my last one.” He says, not stopping his glare at Blink.

You clear your throat and start to back away from the angry pair.

“Alright, well, i’m going back to the lodge.” Neither boy says a word.

You roll your eyes, but head back.


“What’s your problem, Racetrack? You’ve been actin’ like youse hate me for a month now.” Blink asked angrily.

Race rolls his eyes, as if deeming the question stupid.

“You know exactly why!” He says, crossing his arms.

“If I knew, why would I be asking you?” He was getting sick of the games.


Kid Blink looked confused, then almost horrified.

“Flaunt whatever wese have? By that do youse mean our friendship?” He asks.

Racetrack rolls his eyes again, fed up with this conversation.

“Race,” He says, as Race begins to walk away.


“I’m not with (Y/N)! I don’t even like her that way. Like, I haven’t even considered that. Plus, I know who she likes. I know she isn’t lying, because she plays with her hair when she lies!” Kid Blink exclaimed, immediately realizing he totally gave away a secret.

Races eyes widened in curiosity and smirked a little.

“So, who does she like then?” He smirked, and folded his arms across his chest.

“Uh, no one you know!” Blink stammered unconvincingly.

“It’s someone in the ‘Hattan newsies, isn’t it?” Race asked.

Kid Blink wished more than anything he could disappear from that spot at that moment.

Race’s smirk widened as he bolted in the direction of the lodge.

“NO!” Blink screamed, running after him.

He knew exactly where this was going- he was going to use the tip about her inability to lie against her.

Well, she’s screwed. And then i’m screwed. He gulped, knowing what happened to the last guy who felt (Y/N)’s wrath.

Back at the Lodge…..

You were sitting up on your bunk, reading, despite the screaming newsboys below you.

Suddenly, Race burst through the door.

“(Y/N)!” He yelled.

You jump and your book goes flying, dropping it on poor Specs’s head.

“Sorry Specs!” You cry, hopping down and picking it up.

He smiles good naturedly and waves it off.

“What’s up?” You ask Race, who was smirking as if he was up to something.

You narrow your eyes, but don’t say anything.

“Oh, Ise just wanted to ask youse a couple ‘a questions!” He said, smirk widening.

“Ookay, go ahead.” You say, unsure.

“Youse a girl.” He says.

You laugh a little, and nod.

“Girls has feelins. About people. Guys especially. What do youse feel about somea da oddah ‘Hattan newsies?” He asked.

“Uh, they’re my best friends…?” You reply, unsure what he meant.

He cocked an eyebrow.

“Anyone particular, beyond friends?” He emphasized.

Your eyes widen when you finally figure out what he is alluding to.

“N-no!” You stammer, moving your hair to your left shoulder.

Racetrack grinned in a mischievous way.

“What about, say, Mush? And Specs?”

You shake your head, putting your hands on your hips.

“They’re awesome friends, but I couldn’t date either of them.”

You say, lowering your voice in case they could hear.

“Well,” Race’s voice lowers. “What about me?” The smirk returns, and he raises his eyebrows, as if he knows the answer to his own question.

You feel your face flush pink, and you grab a few curls and start to play with them.

“You’re also my best friend!” You say, hoping the shaking in your voice isn’t obvious.

He takes a step closer to you, and smiles.

You don’t move away.

“(Y/N),” He starts. “Ise been in love with youse since ise met you. Your laugh, the way you speak, your eyes. Ise constantly awed and inspired by youse, and ise had trouble holdin’ back my jealousy when ise saw youse with dem oddah boys.”

He takes your hands in his, and smiles down at you.

Without further hesitation, you slam your lips onto his, deepening the kiss by grabbing his shirt and tugging him towards you.

You break for air, and grin.


Preference: How they kiss

Matt: He kissed slow and carefully, wanting to take in every bit of you that he could, let his senses be overwhelmed with they way you taste and feel.

Foggy: He kissed almost drunkenly, like he could not get enough of you, wrapping his hands in your hair and pulling you close.

Wesely: He kissed deeply, enough to make you forget everything but his name.

Anatoly: He kissed as easily as he breathed, making you almost an attachment of him, pouring all of his love into it.

Vladimir: He wasn’t gentle with his kisses, it was teeth clashing like he just wanted to mark you.

Preference: NSFW

Matt: He always knew exactly were to touch you. What spots would make you go over the edge. He took his time with you, almost teasing you in a way, wanting you to beg for it, beg for him. By the end your legs were shaking and your voice was sore.

Wesely: wesely lost his calm dameaner when he got into bed. He turned into an animal, biting and scratching, claiming what was his. You seemed to have a permanent line of hickeys on your iner thighs because of him. He would eat you out slowly and carefully wanting to torture you in the best way possible. And just as you came off his tounge he would fuck you till you were both sure you wouldn’t walk for a week.

Anatoly: He didn’t fuck, he made love. Sweet and slow. He would trail kisses over every inch of your body, digging his fingers into your skin, wanting you to remember his touch even long after he was gone. He fucked like he meant it, every move of his body a confession of love even when he growled other wise in your ear, or bit and tugged and pulled at your neck. When you came it was crying him name.

Vladimir: Vladimir was not consistent in bed some days he would take you almost by force, fucking out his frustration into you. Other days he would kiss you while laughing and sex felt more like playing. Either way though he would call you his. Always his, his mouth made sure of that, leaving hickeys on every place of skin he could find. Or spanking your ass raw. He wanted you to remember the way he felt for days after.

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Lasercorn worrying if Crown Prince Wesley would fall for his father's trickery since he constantly hears about how much of an "airhead" he is. Luckily he quickly realizes upon meeting that Prince Wesley is actually extremely intelligent and strategic.

Prince Wesely gets a reputation of being slow witted, but only because people see so little of him that his inattentiveness and distractability is mistaken for stupidity. Nobody is quite sure why he hardly leaves the castle walls, for that matter.