“Dear Vista,

I’ve been meaning to write this note for a long time but as you know I’m not very good at expressing myself so I’ll just say this: I miss your smile. I would say I hope this note finds you well but as these things go - that won’t be the case… 
The world is a cold and lonely place without you in it, Vista. I just miss you. And since you’ve been gone, I’ve been accused of being an observer, a user, a loner, a cleaner, a failure and a fool but never a participant. No, no one’s ever accused me of that. Anyway, I decided it’s time to call it quits. The drugs no longer work. I’m coming home to see you and there ain’t nothing gonna stop me this time.”

  • Paul: *teases Candice*
  • Paul: *nudges Candice*
  • Paul: *asks Candice if she likes him*
  • Paul: *says that he likes to make Candice feel uncomfortable on set*
  • Paul: *is happy that it's awkward to make out with Candice*
  • Paul: *is a proud shipper of Steroline*
  • Paul: *says steroline is the cure*
  • Paul: *shades Delena*
  • Paul: *shades Klaroline*
  • Paul: *ships stelijah*
  • Paul: *asks Candice if she loves him*
  • Paul: *worships his hair*
  • Paul: I don't know I'm getting old for this.

Wilson Fisk & James Wesley + text posts

Preference: Jealousy

Matt: Matt would feel flattered about the fact that other people were flirting with you. But also he’s super possessive (though he tries to hid it) so any time you would get slightly hit on Matt would appear at your side a moment latter (“how did you even know he was flirting with me you were no where near us!”) Matt would be polite enough to the other person but would also look for any excuse to touch you so they knew they you were his and his alone.

Anatoly: Anatoly would push his way in between you and whoever it was that had the gal to flirt with you. A string of russian curse words would fly from his lips and he threatened to tear them apart limb by limb for making a move on you. You would always hold him back before he actually could hurt the person, super embarrassed and apologizing as you scolded him. Even though secretly you loved it.

Wesely: Whenever either of you were in public together wesely would never leave your side. Any person that so much as look at you they would receive a look that would kill from Wesely before he pulled you in and kissed you hard on the mouth. If someone happened to flirt on you when Wesley wasn’t with you you wouldn’t dare let him know for fear he would kill them.

Foggy: Foggy would join in with the person Flirting with you. Agreeing with everything they said only exaggerating each compliment they gave by 1000 times. Eventually the person would catch on and walk away but foggy would keep flirting until you shut him up with a kiss.

Vladimir: “was beating him unconscious really nessassary Vladimir?” “Da”

Preference: How they kiss

Matt: He kissed slow and carefully, wanting to take in every bit of you that he could, let his senses be overwhelmed with they way you taste and feel.

Foggy: He kissed almost drunkenly, like he could not get enough of you, wrapping his hands in your hair and pulling you close.

Wesely: He kissed deeply, enough to make you forget everything but his name.

Anatoly: He kissed as easily as he breathed, making you almost an attachment of him, pouring all of his love into it.

Vladimir: He wasn’t gentle with his kisses, it was teeth clashing like he just wanted to mark you.

Preference: going down on you

Matt: He would start by kissing at your throat sucking and bitting at your skin as he went leaving a trail of hickeys till his head was between your thighs. He would put your legs over his shoulders, gripping your ass he pulled you closer.

Wesely: He pushed you up against the wall in the stair way, the only moment alone you two had, had in far to long. You didn’t have time to react as he pushed your skirt up dropping down to his knees, throwing one of your legs over his shoulder as one hand held you in place against the wall.

Anatoly: never before had a conference call been so stressful. Anatoly sat between your legs under the desk as you tried to keep your breathing steady, as you talked bussiness over the phone.

Vladimir: He pushed you up on the counter tugging your pants off as he dropped down to his knees pulling you into him, staring by leaving hickeys on the inside of your thighs and leaving indents of his hands in your hip.

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i know he's not a character, but paul wesely

no one gif can summarize that because i have like 10 reactions at once when it’s Paul

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*smiles proudly* Us girlsies, wese everywhere now! -Badger

[Hot Shot] *smiles* Sniper and Smalls have been sayin’ how happy they is about it.