Because everyone loves THEWESLEYCHAN!

So many surprises have been put up and organized for Wes’ 28th birthday. And all of these amaze me so much how awesome Wong Fu fans really are :]

‘Captured…in April’ by fyeahweschan

'WES28’ by philippinesloveswongfu

And I am personally so glad that these surprises made him happy :]

Happy belated birthday Wes! ^_^

All of these I think is the least that we can do to show to you how thankful we all are for what you have done for each and everyone of us. I believe, all of the people who participated in all these projects won’t take their time to participate if you didn’t touch their lives in any way.

This I think is what we all call 'Give and Take’. And it’s a cycle. Everyone is thankful. Everyone deserves these awesomeness!

What a way to celebrate life! WONG FU 4 LYFE!! “VV”