Honestly this episode changed everything (spoilers below)

Before today’s episode the scene where Victor wanted to have a photo with Yuri was more like a yes from an idol- something you wouldn’t expect because he is far away from where you are.

At least that’s what Yuri thought it was all about because he didn’t remember the banquet. And that Victor checked on him even before the Japanese got drunk

Maybe Victor did this because he got a crush on Yuri, maybe because he felt sorry for his loss in GPF, but honestly it doesn’t matter because by the end of the evening he knew that he just loved the guy. And he could have suspected that Yuri in some way loves him too.

So when he sees Yuri skating his routine, Victor knows exactly what he has to do. Fly to Japan. And become Yuri’s coach or more, if he asks.

It got so much deeper now we know both sides of the story, because both of them, Yuri and Victor were attracted to each other since the beginning and got close as the time went by

Victor, Bangs, and his Level of Guardedness

So something I noticed was that the angle of shot we get of Victor during important moments and how much of Victor’s left eye we see is directly relative to how guarded he is in those particular scenes. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Very guarded in front of the media (cant see his left eye at all):

Initially very guarded but then let’s down his guard a bit when he gets more comfortable:

Also somewhat open but still guarded because he’s still testing the waters:

And eye mostly covered but a tiny bit visible because he knows he’s not being sincere with his words:

And then on the other hand, we have scenes where we see either both eyes or see the shot taken from the side that doesn’t have his bangs.

Front shot where we see both eyes (especially the last one where he holds up his bangs himself):

And then we have the most open and unguarded shots such as these which we see from the side that has no bangs:

So I can firmly state that the clip we get from the preview of episode 10 will be an incredibly sincere and intimate scene.

Look forward to it guys!!

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I see so many posts about how pretty tall girls are and I 100% agree but as a v smol lesbian (only 5'2) I don't think any girl will be into that ya know... I really hate being short tbh

okay i’m sorry but you are Definitely Wrong….. smol lesbians are also Amazing let me list off some sources:

  • I am a smol lesbian (also 5′2!) and I’m p adorable and cute if i do say so myself
  • I see smol girls that make me Gayer all the damn time
  • the biggest disadvantage of being short is not being able to reach things (also that weird thing where short people get paid less) but!!! we are all adorably small and the perfect size for cuddles, forehead kisses, hugs, and piggyback rides
  • smol girls make excellent lil spoons also have i mentioned how cute we are?
  • anyways small gfs are fantastic, i personally would love a small gf, and many of my Gay Friends would also love small gfs
  • short ppl are always filled with passion to make up for the loss in height and who doesnt love a passionate gf

I rest my case

leave ur fav things abt short girls in the tags/reblogs

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if we have an issue, and it's a bit more on the serious side, can we still ask you? i'm asking this because i'm currently in a really bad dilemma that's really bumming me out and would like to know if it's okay if we, as your fans and followers, talked to you about it if we feel we can't trust anyone else. i've looked up to you for a while and i'm sure many others have as well, thanks for everything tim! we love you!

i mean feel free to ask me anything you like, just bear in mind that i’m just some dude who is FAR from having his own shit together so PLEASE don’t take it the wrong way if i say “i don’t feel like i’m the right person to answer this”

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #647 : Untitled © Christian Devoise

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #647 : Untitled © Christian Devoise

Rep. Keith Ellison: I will resign my seat if I win DNC chair
U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison will vacate his congressional seat if he wins the chairman job at the Democratic National Committee, and he conceded that a full-time chair is what the party wanted after the losses of the 2016 elections.

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison will vacate his congressional seat if he wins the chairman job at the Democratic National Committee, he told the Star Tribune Wednesday morning.

Ellison conceded Wednesday that a full-time chair is what the party wanted after the losses of the 2016 presidential and congressional elections. He said he came to the decision after difficult soul-searching and hearing from the more than 400 voting members of the DNC who said they wouldn’t vote him as long as he was a sitting member of Congress.

The previous chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was a Florida congresswoman.

“Serving my neighbors in Congress and fighting for them has been the best job I’ve ever had,” Ellison said, in an e-mail. “Whether it was for immigration reform, worker’s rights, gender equity, or social justice, we stood side by side so that every person in America … is treated with respect and given every opportunity to succeed. Until the DNC Chair election, I plan to continue doing just that.”

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can you please continue The Washed Up Stranger and I love your writing

Here you go @whereisgrover and @xpegasusuniverse

Part 1 | Part 2

  • When Annabeth got up, she could smell burnt food coming from the kitchen. She jumped out of bed and rushed to the kitchen where Percy was trying to cook.
  • “What is going on?” Annabeth could see black smoke and Percy covered in egg and flour? She wasn’t sure but she didn’t want to know. 
  • “Um, I’m making food. Trying to make blue food but I didn’t know that cooking was hard.” He said dumping burnt eggs into the trash. 
  • Annabeth took a deep breath and looked at him. “I’ll help you make some breakfast.”
  • “But you made food last night. I wanted to make you food this morning.” He told her. “I know how to cook, I think.”
  • Annabeth smiled and went to his side. “Alright, we are going to go simple, scrambled eggs and toast.”
  • Annabeth showed him how to cook and Percy watched with meaning full eyes. He copied Annabeth and smiled when they finished making breakfast. 
  • He set everything at the table and the two of them sat down to have breakfast. 
  • Percy looked at his food and then at Annabeth. “How do you make food blue?”
  • “Oh, well there’s blue food dye.” She told him. “It’ll change the color of the food to blue.”
  • He nodded as he ate his food. “This food needs to be blue. It’ll taste better.”
  • Annabeth smiled bit. “Alright.”


  • Percy was walking around the town with Annabeth. She had to do some shopping to stock up for the week. And since Percy was kind of stuck here, he tagged along, trying to understand the ways of Nock. 
  • It was pretty simple, people just went through their day, greeting each other and giving Percy stares. He guessed that that not a lot of people moved to Nock.
  • “People are staring at me.” Percy whispered to Annabeth. 
  • “That’s because you’re new. Not a lot of people move to Nock. So when there’s someone new, people know right away.” She told him. 
  • He nodded and walked with her, getting use to the shops that he had to explore. One that caught his eye was the fortune teller and psychic shop. Percy wasn’t sure if he believed in that stuff but maybe they could help with figuring out where he came from or who he is.
  • “Percy, are you okay?” Annabeth was a few feet in front of him. She only stopped when she noticed Percy wasn’t keeping up.
  • “A psychic?” He asked. “Like they could tell me about my past?”
  • “Um, possibly. No one really goes there except people who recently loss someone and want closure.” She replied. “Besides that, no one really goes near that place.”
  • “Can we go there? Maybe they can help me.” Percy headed towards the shop. 
  • Annabeth followed him, a bit curious if someone could actually help him remember who he was. 
  • They got to the door and Percy tried to pull it open. The door shook  and he tried to push and the door didn’t budge.
  • “Percy, they’re closed.” Annabeth pointed to the sign in the window. “It’s some type of holiday for them.”
  • “Oh…” The excitement in him disappeared. He really wanted to know more about himself.
  • Annabeth put a hand on his shoulder. “We can come back tomorrow and see them. But right now, we need to get food for dinner.”
  • Percy took a deep breath. He can wait one more day. He’s been here for three days so far and his gut was telling him to leave.

I’m honestly really sick of seeing posts on my dash of people shitting on Snowbarry fans. Like for the love of fuck, not EVERY Snowbarry fan wants Iris to die? Or hates on Candice/Westallen? I happen to like both Snowbarry and Westallen and I would never give hate on either side? Can we all just get along???

It’s starting to look like a Tiny House again. Today we finished up the side of the house and the lower soffit plus got the water heater mounted (mini box to cover the w/h coming soon) after the full house is finished we will add all the trim on the corners, windows and base. For more info on our siding please check out @knotwoodpnw

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Do you think Octavia could possibly evolve into the new villain, and create the same dynamic story arc quality of for example Star Wars (Luke and Darth Vader) given that she's personally connected to the main characters? If so would you support that? Somehow I imagine Octavia's story ending violently... You have an amazing grasp on her character, and although you never tend to make broad assumptions I'm curious what you think! X

Thank you! I usually get told I’m stretching and delusional. That’s nice to hear.

Do I think Octavia could become the villain? Well that’s certainly one of the possibilities. She’s definitely going to the dark side. Have we seen any of the other characters flirting with that? Bellamy, perhaps, mostly in season 1, as he tried on the anarchist rebel king costume. I think season 3 he was actually not going to the dark side, just too lost in his concept of being the protector, and being too ruthless and singleminded in his pursuit of it. But Octavia does indeed seem to be going for destruction. Not for protection, but for vengeance. To make herself feel better.

We already know that doesn’t work. From Charlotte onward. Charlotte, Murphy, Anya, The Trikru attacks on the dropship, Clarke, Emerson, Bellamy. Killing just leads to more bad feelings and more killing. Vengeance is a cycle that never ends. Emerson went full vengeance and became a villain, but only for a couple episodes.  Murphy pulled back from vengeance and became a wildcard antihero. 

I don’t know. I have feeling that Octavia will come back from the darkness. I feel like her story, her need to kill her demons so they don’t haunt her anymore, is going to be an echo of Charlotte’s story. Clarke and Bellamy were responsible for this girl, and gave her what she needed to become a murderer. They were unable to turn her back from this path and it ended in horror. I see Octavia replaying the Charlotte story. But this time, I think Clarke and Bellamy have learned enough that they might be able to help save Octavia from going over the edge. It’s still up to her, to make the changes ultimately, but Clarke and Bellamy might be able to intervene. This will show character development, plot development and possibly even a forward path into a new way of leading. One that they could not understand before. Killing your nightmares is a theme. Being responsible for your monster when you let it out is a theme. Caring for the vulnerable is a theme. Guiding your people is a theme. Working together is theme. 

Also, I have a tendency to think Octavia’s role in the story is bigger than just Bellamy’s little sister or a warrior. I think she represents the union of Sky and Earth, and as such, is a key to understanding the future of humanity. So if this is the underlying mythology of the story, while we could see her go dark for a while, we need to have her come back and be the hope for the future, in one form or another. 

(incidentally, the trigedasleng word for baby is fyucha.)

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((I have no idea how the Christmas thing is gonna work so)) "Aaay!" Kather burst in the front door with Soul ((@failedreset)) by her side. "We heard something about a Christmas party?"

*jillian comes up to you*
J: Oh! Hello! Hehe, yup. I’m hosting this party here! Come on in. We have eggnog, cookies, and I also have gifts! At the end of the party everyone’s gonna open one up