Oh My Love

What happens with Blaine between Blackbird and the scene with him and Kurt. Blaine’s thoughts and emotions and how everything is perfectly clear to him.

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge 2016.

533 words.  Rated: G

Can also be found on AO3.

Blaine couldn’t put into words what had happened as Kurt sang Blackbird.  One minute he was watching his best friend sing in honor of his deceased pet and feeling sympathy for his friend, but the very next second it was like something in him changed and suddenly he was looking at Kurt in a different light.  Everything was suddenly clear to Blaine and he knew exactly what he had to do.

The first thing he did was sit in his bedroom for an hour after Kurt had sung Blackbird trying to figure out what was going on in his head and what he wanted to say to Kurt.  Blaine was so lost in his own head that he didn’t even notice Wes knocking and then entering the room.

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2x06 - NBK – April 25

2x09 - Special Education – May 2

2x10 - A Very Glee Christmas – May 9

2x12 - Silly Love Songs – May 16

2x14 - Blame It On The Alcohol – May 23

2x15 - Sexy – May 30

2x16 - Original Song – June 6

2x17 - Night Of Neglect – June 13

2x18 - Born This Way – June 20

2x20 - Prom Queen – June 27

2x22 - New York– July 11


3x01 - Purple Piano Project – July 18

3x02 - I Am Unicorn – July 25

3x05 - The First Time – August 1

3x06 - Mash Off – August 8

3x08 - Hold Onto Sixteen – August 15

3x09 - ExtraordinaryMerryXmas – August 22

3x11 - Michael – August 29

3x13 - Heart – September 5

3x14 - On My Way – September 12

3x15 - Big Brother – September 19

3x16 - Saturday Night Gleever – September 26

3x17 - Dance With Somebody – October 3

3x18 - Choke – October 10

3x19 - Promasaurus – October 17

3x20 - Props – October 24

3x21 - Nationals – November 7

3x22 - Goodbye – November 14


4x01 - The New Rachel – November 21

4x04 - TBU – November 28

4x06 - Glease – December 5

4x08 - Thanksgiving – December 12

4x10 - Glee Actually – December 19

4x14 - I DO – January 9, 2016

4x21 - Wonderful – January 16, 2016

4x22 - All Or Nothing – January 23, 2016


5x01 - Love Love Love – January 30, 2016

5x06 - Moving Out – February 6, 2016

5x07 - Puppetmaster – February 13, 2016

5x14 - New New York – February 20, 2016

5x15 - Bash – February 27, 2016

5x16 - Tested – March 5, 2016

5x18 - The Back Up Plan – March 12, 2016

5x19 - Old Dogs New Tricks – March 19, 2016

5x20 - Untitled Rachel Berry Project – March 26, 2016


Klaine-edits (no DK/Walter) from 6X05-6X08 with the 2009 flashback scene - April 2, 2016  *this will be made available to watch for everyone

6x13 - Dreams Come True - April 9, 2016

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